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Burmese Cat Breed Profile

burmese roll

Burmese cat at a glance

Breed number: 27
Average lifespan: 16 to 18 years.
home loving, friendly and affectionate, intelligent, loyal and devoted, playful and good with children and other animals.
males 5.4kg to 6.8kg; females 3.1kg to 4kg.
available in a variety of colours including the original brown - a rich, warm, seal brown - as well as blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, brown tortie, blue tortie, chocolate tortie and lilac tortie.
a regular hand stroke is sufficient.


Burmese cat roots  

The name 'Burmese' originates from the country of Burma where Wong Mau, who is considered to be the mother of the breed, came from. According to folklore, Burmese ancestors were kept as sacred animals in the temples and monasteries of Burma. They even had personal servants!

burmese pairBurmese were discovered in England in the late 1800s, but they were not as popular as the favoured blue-eyed Siamese and the breed gradually died out in England and Europe. It was revived in 1930 using the first true Burmese and it is said that a wartime sea voyage of three Burmese cats from Burma into America in the 1940s lasted five months, during which time they survived attacks by bombers. The breed was eventually recognized by the GCCF in 1952.

burmese walkBurmese cat - the look

Burmese are strong, elegant cats of a foreign type with sleek, glossy coats. They are quite heavy, muscular cats with slender legs, neat, oval paws and a straight tail of medium thickness, which tapers to a rounded tip. The head forms a short wedge with a slightly rounded top and the ears are rounded at the tip. The eyes are large, lustrous and golden yellow in colour, without any trace of green.

burmese pounce

Burmese cat - characteristics and personality

Cuddly, confident and sociable - that's the Burmese! It's not just their glossy coat that has the wow factor, their personalities are just as impressive. If you're looking for a outgoing, lively cat who wants to be part of your family then the Burmese is for you. Burmese cats love the company of people and other cats and are said to stay close to home. If you enjoy the quiet life, the athletic, fun-loving and mischievous Burmese probably isn't for you!burmese duo

Burmese cat - buying a kitten

Expect to pay between £450 and £650 for a pet quality kitten,with prices varying from region to region. No particular colour is easier to find than others and if you are prepared to travel you shouldn't have to wait too long for a kitten. As Burmese need plenty of stimulation you may like to consider buying two kittens for company - unless you have another cat or friendly dog in the house.

burmese toyBurmese cat - lifestyle


Burmese are low maintenance in terms of grooming as they have short, fine, satiny coats requiring little brushing or combing to stay glossy. Simple hand-stroking is normally sufficient, and something that Burmese not only enjoy but insist upon.burmese stretch

Burmese make excellent family pets and enjoy being handled by children but, as with all breeds, this should always be supervised. Should you be willing to consider homing an older cat, the breed clubs provide rescue and rehoming services. Each cat has his or her own character but males tend to be larger and more outgoing than females.

Watch the Burmese cat in action below.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every cat is an individual.


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