Vets offer advice for stressed-out cats

vet with cat

Stress is something that affects us all — including our pets. During periods of change in particular, cats can become stressed out, withdrawn, or, in cases where another cat is involved, cause conflict. A recent example of this is the high-profile spat between Downing Street's Chief Mousers, which lead to injuries needing veterinary attention.

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Is your home flea-free?

New research has revealed millions of UK homes are at risk of a flea infestation, as over a third of pet owners have in fact never treated their home for fleas and other pests. 

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Our top five feline films

nine lives

This August there is a new cat in town and his name is Mr Fuzzypants. The fun body-swap comedy Nine Lives is coming to UK cinemas today (August 17) and stars Hollywood royalty Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner and Christopher Walken.

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Easing the pain of pet bereavement

Losing a pet is the worst and most devastating thing that can happen to a pet owner. The UK is well known as being a nation of animal lovers, and so many of us consider our pets as part of the family. Whether a pet is lost suddenly or he becomes terminally ill, there are still some ways to help owners feel a little more in control and help aid grief.

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The Miaufinder cat-locating device

As a cat owner, you know that your cat loves to go on adventures, whether it be inside or outside. Like all cat owners, you'd like the reassurance that your cat is safe, wherever he may be.

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