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Agria’s Age Amnesty extended for one more month

Following the overwhelming response to Agria Pet Insurance's Age Amnesty, Agria is extending the offer for another month. This means that cats and dogs of any age will be eligible for a lifetime insurance policy taken out up to and including 31st May 2015. 

The amnesty is perfect for owners of older pets, who are often excluded from new pet insurance policies by the vast majority of providers. Usually, a maximum starting age limit is applied to new policies, but during the Age Amnesty Agria has waived this.

Agria launched Age Amnesty on April 1 to celebrate their new rescue centre support scheme. This enables rehoming centres and charities to set up five weeks free insurance policies for rehomed cats and dogs, to give adopters additional peace of mind as their new pet settles in. 


Cat competition!

Win a bundle of toys from PetSafe®!


To celebrate National Pet Month, PetSafe® is offering two lucky cat owners the chance to win an exciting bundle of toys - worth a total of £60 - so you can show your furry friend just how much you love them.

Included in the bundle is the new FroliCat™ CHEESE™ - an automatic teaser toy featuring two golden mice that pop out unexpectedly to keep your kitty guessing.

Also up for grabs is the treat-dispensing Fishbowl - watch your curious cat try to fish out the food from the clear plastic bowl and have fun smelling and catching the treats inside.

National Pet Month is all about celebrating our cuddly companions, promoting responsible pet ownership and helping pet charities take care of animals across the UK. Pets provide us with so much love and this is the purr-fect way to do something special for your feline friend!

For more information, visit the PetSafe® website.


Cat health

Why does my cat have diarrhoea?

Why does my cat have diarrhoea?

Many cases of diarrhoea are mild and short-lived, only lasting for a few days, and will resolve on their own.

Does my cat drink too much?

Does my cat drink too much?

If you want to determine how much water your cat is drinking, allow her only one source of water, our expert explains.

Cats in the home

How to rid my house of the 'catty smell'?

Keeping the catty smell away

Worried that when people enter your house, they can smell you have a cat? Read our advice on getting rid of that 'catty' odour. 

Making your home and garden cat-friendly

It's important to fill your home and garden with lots of stimulating items for cats to avoid boredom and roaming.

Outdoor cats

Can we stop our cat hunting?

Want to stop your cat hunting wildlife? Follow these tips from behaviourist Francesca Riccomini.

How to make a garden safe for cats

From plants to hiding places, it's essential to ensure that your cat is safe and secure in your garden.

Kitten care

My kittens won't stop fighting!

Unsure whether your kittens are play fighting or fighting seriously? There are some key differences.

How to socialise your kitten

How can we ensure our kittens become well balanced, sociable cats? Follow these invaluable tips.