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Looking for a new kitten? It's important to do plenty of research and find a responsible breeder. There's lots to think about - what sort of breed to get, how a kitten will fit in with your lifestyle... Once you've decided which breed will suit you, you've come to the right place to take the next step. Search our Kittens For Sale listings to find your perfect kitten!

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Gayzette Bengals
Gayzette Bengals
Gayzette Bengals
Gayzette Bengals
Gayzette Bengals


Web. Email. Tel 01346 532397/07779007286 Here at Gayzette Cattery in the North of Scotland Frank and I ......more



Email. Tel 01332 841521

ZINGFRO British Shorthairs established 30 years, have quality blue, cream, blue/cream and bi-colour kittens from show ......more



Email. Tel 01594 564071

2 brown shaded silver Burmilla female kittens ready now for their new homes from the 12 of December, ......more



Email. Tel 01943 461852 or 07774 650217

VISIT to see dozens of professionally taken photos of our cats, kittens ......more

Listing at


Tel 01207 529956 / 07816 61227

Silver, black, spotty and tabbies. 6 month kittens available now. Excellent temperament, raised in the house, vaccinated, ......more

Benezhar Bengals


Web. Email. Tel 01775 640139

Quality Bengal kittens available. Enquiries welcome to Sheila & Nigel.