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Your Cat magazine blog

Buy 'Your First Kitten' for just £2.99!

We're holding a flash sale on 'Your First Kitten' — grab a copy for just £2.99 (normally £5.99) when ordered before 4pm tomorrow (Friday April 25)!

'Your First Kitten' is the definitive guide to kitten ownership, produced by the publishers of Your Cat magazine. This 132-page manual leads potential kitten owners through the first year – from selecting their new feline friend to seeing him (or her) grow into a healthy and happy adult cat.

Your First Kitten is divided into five important chapters:

Chapter 1: Finding your kitten Expert advice on choosing the ideal kitten for you; questions to ask the breeder or rescue centre; breed profiles of the top ten GCCF registered breeds; looking for signs of good health; rescue centres and charities.


Cat competition!

Win a Cheshire & Wain luxury cat collar!

The luxury leather collars from Cheshire & Wain are perfect for felines who appreciate the finer things in life.

Available in six colour options — Lustrous Apple (red), Heritage Purple, Hard Candy (baby pink), Midnight Ray (speckled navy), Uluru Blush (tan/orange) and Earthen Blush (brown) — the soft leather collars are handmade in London and lined with soft suede so they're comfortable on your cat's neck.

The collars also available in two size options — small to medium (7 to 9in around the neck) or medium to large (9 to 11in around the neck). And as well as looking great, the collars are safe to wear with an incorporated, hidden safety release buckle, which will release if your cat's collar gets caught.

Finished with a gold-plated falconry bell and a solid brass buckle, the collars cost £49 to £69 from Cheshire & Wain's website.

We have one small to medium Cheshire & Wain luxury leather collar in Hard Candy, worth £59, up for grabs! Made from smooth baby pink leather with traditional grooved edge detail, it's lined with soft burgundy suede.

*This collar originally appeared in the January 2014 issue's buyer's guide to cat collars!

How to win a Cheshire & Wain luxury cat collar:

If you receive the Your Cat newsletter, there will be a link on the email to update your details and a tick box option to enter the competition. Click here to register to the Your Cat newsletter if you don't already receive it. The closing date is 12pm on Thursday April 24, 2014. Good luck! This competition is for UK residents only.

Help with the Your Cat website

main siteWe hope you like the website. Our design has been chosen to reflect modern day web browsers on both traditional computers and tablets (as well as smartphones).

You can now use Facebook to log into our forum and community area. Don't worry if you don't have a Facebook account or would like to keep the two separate... you can still register with us in minutes and be part of the cat fun!

Here are some helpful tips to get started:

1) How do I log in or register?

If you signed up on the old Yourcat.co.uk website, your username is active and you should have received an email from us with a new password. You can log in via the email link.

If you are new to the site, in the top menu you will see 'Members Area'. You will see options to log in or register here. You can register on the site, or if you are a member of Facebook, you can log into yourcat.co.uk via your Facebook log in details and this will then allow you to feed your activity from yourcat.co.uk to your Facebook profile.

2) How do I log out?

If you are in 'Cat Community' there is a little green power button on the right hand side of the menu options. If you are in 'Cat Forum' there is a log out option at the top of the forum threads.

3) My username or password is not working

You can have your password sent to you by clicking on the 'lost password' option during login (and same for your username if you have forgotten that). During the site upgrade, your usernames were transferred across but your passwords were reset therefore your old password will not work and you may get redirected back to the homepage. You should have received an email from us with your new password. Once you have logged in, you can change your password to something more memorable.

4) I saw an error message or I was diverted to the homepage!

As with all new sites, there will be bugs! Try it again, but if you do come across something that isn't working in the way it should, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know! We will try to fix the problem or reply back to you as soon as possible.

5) What is the Cat Community and Cat Forum?

There are two social areas on this site. The forum (click here to go to the Cat Forum) is an upgraded version of what you are used to on the old site. Please note we have been unable to take old threads with the move so we are starting the forum afresh! The forum is ideal for asking other users about problems you may have with your cat and for general advice questions. The forum can be dived in and out, you are able to pick up on threads as you wish.

The Cat Community is new (click here to go to the Cat Community) and works slightly differently. This is for more real-time status updates, uploading photos and videos, commenting on stories, joining/creating groups, and to be honest we are looking to you to see how it is used! With feedback and a few weeks of usage, we will assess how the Forum and Cat Community work together and what our members think of it.

Cat health

Creating a feline first aid kit

Vet Elise Robertson lists all the first aid items you should have at the ready in case of a feline emergency.

Managing diabetes in cats

Looking for information on controlling and managing diabetes in cats? Follow vet Andrea Harvey's advice...

Cats in the home

Will they be happy indoors?

Considering keeping your cats indoors? Read our behaviourist's essential advice...

Why does my cat eat cut flowers?

Behaviourist Francesca Riccomini advises on how to stop your cat eating potentially toxic cut flowers.

Outdoor cats

How to make a garden safe for cats

From plants to hiding places, it's essential to ensure that your cat is safe and secure in your garden.

How can I stop cat intruders?

Lots of cat owners have problems with other people's cats. We find out how to deal with cat bullies and intruders.

Kitten care

Introducing a kitten to an existing cat

Introducing a kitten to an existing cat can be difficult. Make sure you get it right first time.

Should I breed from my kitten?

Breeding kittens requires a lot of time, patience and money. Here's some advice if you're thinking about breeding.