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Shocking statistics reveal 4 in 10 vets see cats with airgun injuries

kitten with vet

A survey by the British Veterinary Association (BVA) has shown that a shocking 4 in 10 vets have seen cats with airgun injuries in the past year - with many of these cats being seriously injured or else dying from their wounds. 

The latest Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey asked animal vets if they had seen any cats brought to them with airgun or crossbow injuries in the last twelve months. A big percentage, 41 per cent, said they had seen cats with airgun injuries. 1 per cent had seen cats with crossbow injuries.

The survey results come as Cats Protection launches its Manifesto for Cats in the Commons (on Tuesday February 10), which seeks amongst other measures tighter regulations on the licensing of airguns. This coincides with the recent launch of BVA’s General Election manifesto that calls for better animal enforcement of animal welfare legislation.

Many vets surveyed told how animals had died of their wounds or were severely injured, including fractured limbs that required amputation and injuries to eyes that require enucleation (removal of the eye).

Several vets pointed to an increase in owners presenting animals with airgun injuries during the school summers holidays, suggesting the perpetrators are young people and children: “We saw several cases of airgun injuries in cats over the summer holidays, causing severe injuries. These cases seem to have increased in numbers in recent years.”

“A cat was shot in the eye with an airgun pellet and require enucleation. Sadly…  think this was neighbourhood kids having a laugh and the cat wandered into the wrong yard at the wrong time.”


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The Tucker Trial Video

With only 3,200 wild tigers left on earth, money raised from the event will aim to stop the senseless slaughter of tigers by significantly increasing the anti-poaching patrols on the ground, support undercover work to trap and prosecute illegal traders, and educate people to stop using tiger parts in medicine. It is hoped that the power of our combined voices will be used to pressure governments at home and overseas, and to increase the numbers of tigers in the wild.

Celebrities including Joanna Lumley, Ricky Gervais, Mel C, Sir Roger Moore, Gemma Atkinson, Abi Titmuss, Stephen Fry and Susan Sarandon have already put their name to the campaign at www.isupport.tigertime.info

Joanna says: 'If the tiger disappears from the wild because of our behaviour we humans shall have lost all claims to be called civilised and compassionate. The greatest enemy is indifference. Please join TigerTime right now to help to save the lives and habitat of these magnificent creatures. This is extremely urgent. The clock is ticking: real time is running out.'

For more information visit www.davidshepherd.org and www.tigertime.info

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