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A black cat cured my phobia

An irrational fear meant that Margaret Kaine could barely look at cats, until a little black tom strolled into her life and won her heart.

I have always been wary of cats. Or let me confess, actually scared of them. My explanation for such an irrational fear can only be based on something that happened when I was six years old.

It had been such a magical Christmas Day, with lots of relatives gathered for a party at my grandmother’s house; to afterwards walk home with my parents in the dark was an extra thrill. In high spirits, I ran ahead to hide around the corner leading to our cul-de-sac, wanting to jump out and surprise them.

I was unaware that above me on the privet hedge was crouching a large tabby cat. My decision to spring must have coincided with its own, my sudden movement causing the cat to land on my head, submerging my face in fur. The cat shot away but I was left traumatised and in tears.


Cat competition!

Win a luxury, leather cat collar from Cheshire & Wain!

Cheshire and Wain

This week we're giving you the chance to win a piece of kitty couture! The Beluga Cat Collar is Cheshire & Wain's most luxurious leather safety collar to date. Presented in a special, limited edition gift tin, the collar is made from sumptuous 'caviar grain' leather and has soft, suede lining for your cat's comfort. 

All Cheshire & Wain collars are handmade in London and incorporate brass hardware, bell and a high quality breakaway buckle for your cat's safety and your piece of mind. 

Cheshire & Wain was established in 2013 by cat lover, Sonja Farrell who found it difficult to find high quality cat collars that were also safe. She decided to design a new collar from scratch herself and has since expanded the range of products to include organic catnip toys, sheepskins, a porcelain cat bowl, ID tags and charms. 

Cheshire & Wain's full range of luxury leather cat collars are available to buy online. Choose from brightly coloured Italian leather or more traditional British leather designs. 

Sonja's cat Percy tests and approves everything and is quite the pampered puss! Follow him on Instagram (@percy_peter_wells) or Facebook to see what he gets up to. Sign up to the Cheshire & Wain mailing list on their website to stay up to date with any promotions or new product launches or follow them on Facebook  or Twitter


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Cat health

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Why does my cat have diarrhoea?

Many cases of diarrhoea are mild and short-lived, only lasting for a few days, and will resolve on their own.

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Does my cat drink too much?

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How to make a garden safe for cats

From plants to hiding places, it's essential to ensure that your cat is safe and secure in your garden.

Kitten care

My kittens won't stop fighting!

Unsure whether your kittens are play fighting or fighting seriously? There are some key differences.

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