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Art show explores the wonderful world of LOLCATS

james mckenzie-blyth


It seems our appetite for cats in funny, fascinating and often downright bizarre poses has always been insatiable!

Did you know that as early as the 1870s, British portrait photographer Harry Pointer created a Carte de Visite series featuring felines posed in various situations, to which he added amusing text intended to further enhance their appeal?

But what does this say about us? And can the LOLCAT phenomenon be elevated to the level of genuine art? 'LOLCAT - TEH EXHIBISHUN' brings together an array of cool cats and witty kitties - including graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, animators, and writers.

Each of these artists has come up with their unique take on the theme to create a piece of beautiful, amusing and exquisitely crafted LOLCAT art. The exhibition is being held from January 23 to February 15, 2013, at The Framers Gallery, 36 Windmill Street, London W1T 2JT and 50 per cent of all proceeds will be donated to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

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Here's a taster of the LOLCAT art you can expect to see, starting with 'TEH KATNIP KARTEL' by James McKenzie-Blyth (above).

'IT SUSPECTS NOTHING' Graham Dextergraham dexter

'MEOW IN STYLE' James O'Connell & 'WILLIAM'S INTERNET HAIKUETTE' by Lisa Glass  and John Owensjames oconnell

'NYAN CAT - SYDNEY VACATION' Matt Harveymatt harvey

'JEEZUS CAT - SAVIN' UR SOULZ' Delme Rosser & 'YOU BORE ME' Jordan Hemsworthdelme rosser

'MEMES SCARF' Victoria Kochowskivictoria

'MORPHISM III - DUMBFOUNDED' Martin Parris & 'HYPNO KITTEN' Peter Hawkesmartin parris