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Meet the Magnificat

Doorkins Magnificat

If you've ever taken a trip to Southwark Cathedral, you'll have probably spotted a rather furry feline friend who takes up residence there; Doorkins Magnificat. 

Doorkins has been living at the Cathedral in London for almost six years, having decided to make it her home back in 2008 when she turned up unexpectedly between Christmas and New Year. It was somewhat meant to be, as the number of mice scurrying in and around the place had increased, and members of the cathedral staff had actually been considering taking on a cat! It was as though Doorkins had an inkling she was needed and so decided to appear - much to the pleasure of the staff at the Cathedral. 

Doorkins Christmas

After living there for almost six years, Doorkins is very much a part of the furniture and is very popular with visitors, with some people paying a visit to the cathedral just to see her! Doorkins is an increasingly popular character, having her own Facebook page and regularly being discussed by the Dean of Southwark on Twitter.

As Doorkins is undeniably a beautiful cat, the artist Celia Pike has painted several pictures of her, which can be bought from the Cathedral gift shop. As well as this, she is also putting on an exhibition in the Cathedral's Refectory from now on until December 12, which would make a perfect Christmassy day out for all the family. Celia will be showing how the paintings came about, as well as exhibiting new work including some 'Cats Days Out' prints featuring Celia's own cats on sightseeing trips around London. 

Will you be heading to London's Southwark Cathedral for a look at Celia's beautiful paintings, as well as a chance to meet the famous Doorkins Magnificat herself?