DIY cat planter


Brighten up a sunny window sill with our DIY cat planters - you could even plant catnip for your cat!

You will need:

Empty two-litre plastic bottle

Permanent marker/acrylic paint (black, white and pink)

Fine paintbrush

Spray paint (we've used white, orange, black and brown)


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  1. Using the template below, carefully cut off the top of each bottle to create the cat head/ear shape.
  2. Spray the plastic bottle with a few layers of spray paint, leaving each layer to dry between coats, until you're happy with the result.
  3. Once dry, draw the cat face and ear details onto the bottle using the permanent markers or acrylic paint.
  4. Your bottle is now ready to use as a planter or storage pot! Why not try planting catnip or cat mint and placing your planter on a sunny window sill for your cat to enjoy indoors? If using as a planter, drop a little gravel into the bottom to ensure sufficient drainage.

Top tip! Place a weight in the bottom of the bottle when spray painting to ensure it doesn't move around too much.


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