Homemade Cat Scratching Post


Calling all DIY fans! Spare your sofa from wayward claws with this stylish homemade scratch post!

You will need:

4mm drill bit

10mm drill bit

75mm screws


Craft knife

PVA wood glue (non-toxic)

4m sisal rope

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Self-adhesive carpet tile

MDF base

A tree branch/post of your choice


  1. Cut the MDF to the size of your carpet tile (or ask the DIY merchant to do this) and stick the two together to form the scratch post's base.
  2. Position your branch/post onto the base and, using the 4mm drill bit, drill holes from the top where the post will meet the carpeted base. If using a fallen tree branch, you may need to remove some of the bark first, so do this carefully using a craft knife.
  3. Place the branch onto the base and, using the craft knife, cut around to remove the carpet. Apply PVA glue to the now bare MDF. Hold the branch in place and screw from the underside into the pre-drilled holes. Allow to dry for a few hours or overnight.
  4. Now the scratch post is taking shape, take the 10mm drill bit and drill two holes - one where you want the sisal rope to start wrapping round and one where you want it to end. Fill the holes with the PVA glue and paste glue all over the branch between the two holes.  
  5. Insert one end of the rope into the hole and begin to wrap tightly around the branch, all the way up to your next hole.
  6. Finally, cut off the rope and tuck the loose end into the second hole making sure there is still plenty of glue inside, and leave overnight to dry.

Top tip! Spritz your new scratch post with a little catnip spray to encourage your cat to start using it!

The beauty of this scratch post is that you can design it to perfectly match your home. From the colour of the carpet tile to the shape of the branch/post, your scratch post will be as unique as your cat!

If you would like to create another scratching post try the cone scratching post with pom-poms!

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