Cat coasters


Stitch up a set of purrfect coasters - they make a brilliant gift for tea-loving cat fans.

You will need:

Coloured Felt 

Embroidery Thread 


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Start sewing!

Blue and black coasters

  1. Using the black cat template (download here), trace two body shapes and two head shapes onto black felt and cut out. Trace two blue eyes onto blue felt; all ear, paw pad and nose pieces onto pink felt; and tail tip, nose shape and white paws onto white felt and cut out.
  2. Start by stitching the two pink ear pieces to the ears on one head piece. Then stitch the white nose shape to the head piece, using the template as a guide. Sew the pink nose centrally to the white nose shape, as shown.
  3. Stitch a blue eye either side of the white nose shape, then stitch a little white spot in each eye by repeatedly stitching over the same area. Sew a mouth using black embroidery thread. Put this head piece to one side for a moment. Stitch white paw pads to the corresponding front paws of one body shape using white thread.
  4. Stitch circular pink paw pads to the back paws with pink thread, then sew the white tail tip to the tail, as shown, with white thread. Add claw details to the front paws with black thread, using the picture as a guide.
  5. Take the second body piece and match with the first, ensuring the embellished body piece is on top with paws/tail tip etc facing upwards. Make sure both pieces line up properly, then stitch together around the outside edges.
  6. Now take your embellished head piece and match up with the plain head piece, ensuring the embellished shape is on top with all detail facing upwards. Line up properly, then stitch together around the edges, leaving a gap big enough for the wadding.
  7. Push the wadding through the gap, then stitch the gap closed. Secure the bottom edge of the head to the edge of the body, as shown, so that it sits upright when a mug or cup is placed on it.
  8. Make the blue cat coaster in the same way, adding details to one body piece and head piece first before stitching the coaster together.

Orange coaster

The orange coaster is created in the same way, with a few changes. There are additional paw and tummy panels, which need to be stitched onto a main body piece before the two body panels are sewn together. The head is attached facing the opposite direction to the other designs, as shown.

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