Felt phone case


Create the cosiest home for your phone or tablet with the cutest case on the block!

If you've been looking for the perfect case for your phone or tablet, look no further. With just a bit of felt and a few simple stitches, you'll have a felt phone or tablet case perfect for any cat lover!

You will need:

Thick felt for the body of the case (we've used grey)


Craft glue

Embroidery thread (we've used white)

Pink felt and sequins for facial features


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  1. Place your phone or tablet on the felt to measure out your case's size. Cut the felt 2cm larger for a tablet on all four sides, or 1cm larger for a phone case. This will form the back of your case. Set aside for now.
  2. For the front of your case, cut a second piece of felt the same width but 5cm taller for a tablet, and 2cm taller for a phone.
  3. Cut two triangles (ears) on either side of the top of the longer piece of felt.
  4. Now, add some details onto the front of your case with the embroidery thread. Stitch or glue pink felt to make the nose, sequins for eyes, and a mouth to give your case a feline twist! You could even sew a tail on the back of the other felt piece.
  5. Stitch the two pieces of felt together on three sides - leaving the top (where the ears are) open.

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