How to draw a cat


Are you a budding artist or a scribble master? Illustrator Alice Buzzel guides us through the basics of how to draw a cat.

What you will need:

Some good quality drawing paper, a sharpened pencil, coloured crayons, an eraser, and a fine tipped black drawing pen.

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How to draw a sitting cat

1. Start with a backwards L shape joined at either end by a curve to make the body. Add a circle above the top of the L for the head.

2. Add an angled oval for the chest, triangles for ears and a line joining the chest oval to the corner of the L shape to form a leg.

3. Add smaller shapes for the features of the face, other leg, paws and tail.

4. Outline your cat with your drawing pen and rub out any unwanted pencil lines.

5. Choose colours and a pattern for your cat's fur using your coloured pencils and add finer details with your pen to complete your picture.

Top tip!

The trick is to start with basic shapes and add detail as you go.