Mouse catnip toy


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With just a few stitches, you can whip up this fabulous mouse-shaped catnip toy for your cat!

Give your cat the perfect treat with this cheap and easy catnip toy!

You will need:

Material scraps

Thread and needle


Dried catnip, available from pet shops and online retailers

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Black and pink embroidery thread


  1. Using the template below (click on the image to download), cut out and pin one bottom piece and two side pieces with all the pointed ends together. 
  2. Machine straight stitch or hand stitch around the sides and top, leaving the pointed end open enough to fill with stuffing and catnip.
  3. Fold the tail piece in half and blanket stitch up the side, leaving one end a little open to attach the body.
  4. Fill the body with a mixture of stuffing and dried catnip, then attach the tail inside and close the back end.
  5. Blanket stitch the two ear pieces onto the body along the dotted lines in a slight curve - use a different coloured fabric to really make your ears stand out!
  6. Add a little detail by stitching a little nose and some eyes using embroidery thread.
  7. Ensure your toy is completely stitched together with no stuffing visible from the outside. Once ready... let playtime commence!

Why not stitch a few in festive fabric, and a few in plainer fabrics for fun all year round?!


toy template

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