Cat Gardens

Advice for indoor cats with garden access, or for owners wishing to enhance their garden for their cat's wellbeing.

Making your garden as cat-friendly as possible

Want to make your garden as attractive as possible to keep your cat in? We have all the tips and tricks you need, as well as a how-to on building your own garden chalet for your cat.

Making your home and garden cat-friendly

It's important to fill your home and garden with lots of stimulating items for cats to avoid boredom and roaming.

Bullies, intruders and wanderers

We explore why cats roam, plus how to keep your cat close to home and soothe neighbour relations.

Garden ideas for cat owners

Help stop your cat roaming by devoting more time to your own garden and making it more cat-friendly.

How to make a garden safe for cats

From plants to hiding places, it's essential to ensure that your cat is safe and secure in your garden.

Create a cat-friendly garden

Garden expert Graham Strong shows you how to meet your cats' needs to create the perfect garden paradise.

A cat owner's guide to wild bird care

Top tips for wildlife-loving cat owners who want to feed the birds without risk from their pets.

What plants will my cat enjoy?

It's not just catnip that cats enjoy. Garden expert Graham Strong lists other plants that felines may enjoy.

How can I make a cat hideaway?

A cat hideaway can provide a much-loved retreat for your cat. Graham Strong explains how to make your garden cat friendly.