First Aid Videos for Pet Owners


Vet nurses create first aid videos for pet owners

Image: Left to right: Hannah Perry, Danielle Banks, and Nichole Neate.

Davies Veterinary Specialists, a small animal referral practice based near Hitchin in Hertfordshire, is celebrating the skills of vet nurses to celebrate Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month (VNAM) with a series of free, practical first aid videos for pet owners.

VNAM was celebrated by the vet nurse profession throughout the month of May to showcase the varied role of the vet nurse.

Presented by registered veterinary nurse (RVN) Danielle Banks, the six videos provide an insight into the highly skilled role of an RVN at a busy veterinary referral centre, and include practical hints and tips for pet owners.

In the first episode, Danielle and her RVN colleagues Hannah Perry and Nichole Neate explain the role of a referral nurse. Further episodes guide dog and cat owners through some of the practical skills needed as a pet owner, such as what to do in a first aid situation, how to handle and examine a pet safely, and how to administer medication effectively.

Tim Richardson, managing director of Davies, says: “Registered veterinary nurses are the beating heart of Davies and we would not be able to function without them. We are proud to celebrate VNAM with our new video series, which not only showcases the outstanding skills of our RVN team, but also provides pet owners with numerous important practical nuggets of information and know-how to help them cope in a first aid crisis.”

Top first aid tips

Danielle, Hannah, and Nichole’s first aid tips to help you care for your pet in an Emergency include:

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1. Keep calm — an animal will pick up on your distress and make it more difficult to manage the situation.

2. Keep a first aid kit at home and a small one with you for when you are out and about.

3. Find out about your veterinary practice’s out of hours care and ensure you have the vet’s number on your phone.

4. Your safety is paramount, don’t put yourself in danger to provide first aid.

5. Be aware, animals may become aggressive if in pain or distress. It may be necessary to restrain the animal to provide first aid.

6. Never administer drugs to your pet unless directed to do so by your vet.

7. Use advice from friends and the internet with caution, and always seek professional advice.