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What will happen if my cat drinks antifreeze?

The word ‘antifreeze’ strikes fear into the heart of any cat owner — but what are the symptoms of poisoning and how can you protect your pet? Fran Benson explains.

Is a real or artificial tree safer for my cat?

As much as we all love to have a real tree around at Christmas, they come with potential problems. Certain species of Christmas trees, especially pines, are toxic to cats. The toxicity is relatively mild, but the exposure can cause nausea, vomiting, and skin irritation.

What will happen if my cat eats tinsel?

The answer to the question will very much depend on the amount of the tinsel ingested as well as the length of the ingested strands. If a cat eats a tiny amount of tinsel, it is very likely that this piece will pass safely. However, we must remember that tinsel will not be…

Is it possible to love a cat again after losing one?

Getting a new cat can sometimes feel wrong after losing another. Is it possible to work through the grief and learn to love again?

Where should my pet's final resting place be?

Losing a much-loved pet is hard enough to cope with, without worrying about where their final resting place will be. Sue Corfield advises.

Winter cat care tips

Follow our top tips to ensure your cat is kept safe, healthy and warm this winter.

Summer cat care tips

Keep your cat cool and safe throughout the summer months with Your Cat Magazine's top tips!

Want a career with cats?

If you'd like to pursue a career with cats, read our essential advice from pet columnist Celia Haddon.

My cat was killed on the road

Sudden traumatic loss can make the grieving process much more complex.