Guide to cat-proof fencing

If you're keen to let your cat explore the garden but don't want him to stray too far, cat-proof fencing could be the answer.

Should I let my cat explore the great outdoors, or should I keep him inside where I know he'll be safe? This is a question that plagues many owners, particularly if you live close to a busy road. So, indoors or out? Perhaps it could be both!

If you're keen to allow your cat outdoor access, but are worried about the risks, enclosing your garden with cat-proof fencing - either completely or in part - is worth consideration. If you can secure your garden, you'll give your cat the opportunity to enjoy being outside to explore, sunbathe and play, whilst being in a safe and contained environment.

If you're a keen DIY-er, you could cat-proof your garden in just a few simple steps with ProtectaPet's recently launched ProtectaKits. So long as you're physically able to climb a ladder and use a drill (although you may need an extra pair of hands from a willing volunteer for the tricky bits), these ProtectaKits are relatively easy to fit, and are supported by handy online tutorials (see video below) and DIY instructions. Prices start at just  £139.99 for a 10m garden enclosure (a typical 30m enclosure costs £399.99), although additional extras will need to be purchased for features such as sheds and trees.

Don't miss our practical, step-by-step guide to cat-proof fencing, in association with ProtectaPet, in the June 2016 issue of Your Cat magazine - pick up a copy from the Your Cat Shop.

Below, you'll also find ProtectaPet's handy step-by-step installation video:

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