Indoor Cats

Advice and tips to enrich your indoor cat's home environment. Help keep indoor cats healthy with our free cat advice.
Indoor cats are not an easy option

How can you make sure your indoor cat is as happy, healthy, and content as he deserves  to be?

Should I treat my indoor cat for fleas?

In the UK, fleas can be a year-round problem for both indoor and outdoor cats.

Cat-proofing your house

Ensure your home is as safe and secure as possible before deciding on a cat or kitten.

Keep your indoor cat entertained

All cats need exercise, entertainment and stimulation, particularly those who don't have outdoor access.

Cat scratching furniture

Does your cat scratch your furniture? Find out how to save your home furnishings, and keep your cat happy.

Litter tray training tips

Does your cat refuse to use a litter tray? There could be for any number of reasons. Read our cat training cat advice for using litter trays.