VIDEO: A safe kitten home?

Watch our video to find out how you can prepare your home, and make it safe, for the arrival of your kitten.

So, you've chosen the purrfect kitten for you an your family, and you're all set to bring him home... but before you load your kitten?into the cat carrier, make sure that you, your home and your family are fully prepared for his arrival. It's an exciting time - and with a little careful planning you can ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible:

Facilities -?Have a bed, litter tray, toys, food and water bowls all ready for your kitten before bringing him home

A safe space -?Assign your kitten his own room (initially for around four weeks) so that he can become comfortable and secure before you let him have the run of the house. It should be a small room, but there should still be enough room in it for him to run and explore. This will also help if introducing your kitten to an existing cat?-?if kept in separate?areas of the home, you can start the scent-swapping process and ensure the kitten and cat are introduced gradually.

Meeting children -?Don't let your children push and pull your kitten around - teach them how to handle him properly. A bad experience will children, and other animals, at the start of your kitten's life could leave a lasting impression. Read our tips on how to socialise your kitten. Watch our video on how to introduce children to kittens and cats.

Meeting dogs for the first time -?Never leave a dog and young kitten together in the same room and keep your dog on a lead when they first meet. A kitten pen can be used to introduce them gradually. By swapping their bedding, you can get them used to each other's scent before they meet.

Watch our video to find out how you can prepare your home, and make it safe, for the arrival of your kitten:


10 steps to a?kitten-proof your home:

The home is a fun-filled place for your kitten to have lots of adventures, but a few everyday items could pose a risk to your kitten's safety. Take a look at our 10 steps to a kitten-proof home to ensure your kitten is kept safe in his new home:

  1. Tidy cables and cover them with conduit in case he is tempted to chew
  2. Keep windows free from venetian blinds or net curtains that a kitten could get caught up in
  3. In your kitchen/bathroom keep potentially harmful cleaning fluids out of a kitten's reach
  4. Chocolate is toxic to cats, so don't leave any half-eaten bars lying around
  5. Feather toys are great for interactive play but should not be left out when your kitten is on his own in case he chokes on the feathers
  6. Keep the bathroom door shut when you run a bath and make sure the toilet lid is kept down to stop your inquisitive kitten falling in
  7. Keep windows shut to stop your kitten escaping outside before he's ready
  8. Keep the doors of all your household appliances shut or you could find your kitten curled up in your tumble dryer - or worse, being inside when it's turned on
  9. Keep small, easily swallowed items away from your kitten's reach
  10. Make sure your kitchen bin has a cat-proof lid.

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