Piper smart home security camera review


We review the Piper smart home security system, to see how well it works at keeping an eye on our feline friends!?

As much as we'd like to, unfortunately we can't spend 24/7 with our beloved cats. That doesn't, however, mean that we can't keep an eye on them when we're out of the house! With the new Piper smart home security system, you can keep track of what your kitty is getting up to at all times, no matter where you are.?

Using the free Piper app, you can view a live HD stream of your home (and see what your cat is doing) and save clips to download and share. It also features a sound and motion detector which will alert you to any noise or movement through the app, and even has night vision. With a panoramic lens, the camera can capture a complete 180-degree view of any room -?so there really is no escape for mischievous moggies!?

As well as being great at monitoring your pet when away, the camera also works as a smart home security system, with a variety of wireless accessories available that allow you to control appliances remotely.?

When we put the camera to the test, we were immediately impressed with the 180-degree view - this means you can pan around the room without any movement from the camera, thanks to the panoramic lens. This does, however, mean that the camera itself is on the larger side, measuring 22cm x 18cm x 13cm, which can make it a less-than-subtle addition to the home.?

Although the quality of the video can depend on your wifi signal strength, we found the quality of this camera to be quite good, although not as clear as some other cameras we've previously tested. It also didn't pick up on movement as well as other cameras - which is quite disappointing, considering it is a home security system. It did, however, pick up sound well.

One of the camera's better features is that whenever it does hear sound or see movement, it will both alert you through the app, as well as recording whilst the sound/movement is taking place. This is great as it means you don't need to be constantly watching to see what your cat is doing, and you also have a record on video of what has been happening while you've been away.?

While not really of importance to those who purchase the camera to keep an eye on their pet, the security features on the camera are good - you can get an attachment for your door which alerts you when it opens, as well as attachments for lights which you can turn on through the app. You can also talk to your pet through the app, although it's not guaranteed they will always listen!?

Overall we think this is a good piece of kit, and it works well at monitoring your pet while you're out of the house. However, the fact it doesn't always pick up movement is definitely a big downside, especially if you also want to use the camera for security reasons. The Piper app works really well and is free which is a big plus, as some cameras require you pay a monthly subscription. It is, however, rather expensive at £229.99, which is definitely at the higher end of the scale in comparison with other pet cameras.?

Rating: ***

The Piper smart home security camera is available from Amazon for £229.99.?