The Your Cat Isolation Kit


Looking for something to do while you're at home social distancing or self-isolating? Get crafty, and create cat-themed goodies for you, make DIY presents for your cat, relax by colouring in some cats, and keep the mind working with a puzzle or two.

We'll be constantly adding to The Your Cat Isolation Kit throughout the upcoming days/weeks - so don't forget to keep coming back! #StaySafeWithYourCat

Colour therapy 5
De-stress and unwind with our free cat colour therapy template. Simply print and colour in...
Cat Craft
Colour me kitty
Download Cats Protection's free colouring page, featuring a 'clowder' of cute cats!
Cat Craft
Cat flapjacks
'Great British Bake Off' winner Frances Quinn shares one of her many cat-themed creations
Cat Craft
Kitty cupcakes
Combine a love for cats and baking to create these kitty cupcakes - for human consumption!
Cat Craft
Moggy macaroons
Macaroons are all the rage so this cat-shaped recipe is just purrfect! For human consumption only!
Cat Craft
Cat-shaped biscuits
Get creative in the kitchen with these fun and tasty cat-shaped biscuits - for human consumption!
Cat Craft
DIY scratch post
Looking for an afternoon project to make something for your cat? Grab your glue gun and give this cute scratch post a…
Cat Craft
DIY fishing rod toy
Whip up our DIY fishing rod-style toy and keep your cat entertained indoors.
Cat Craft
Catnip ice cream
As the weather heats up, it's the perfect time to whip up this ice cream catnip toy!
Cat Craft Catnip