The Big Quiz of Cats: Round three


Put your knowledge of all things cat to the test...

1. True or false, cats always land on their feet?


2. The domestication of cats is thought to have first happened around how many years ago?

A) 100 years

B) 10,000 years

C) 1 million years

D) 10 million years


3. Before they develop their eye colour, most kittens are born with what colour eyes?

A) Blue

B) Copper

C) Green

D) Black


4. Which soap’s opening credits has famously featured a cat climbing on roofs?

A) Eastenders

B) Emmerdale

C) Neighbours

D) Coronation Street


5. Pictured chasing the mouse who was his constant rival, what is the name of this iconic cartoon cat?


6. What is the French word for ‘cat’?

A) Katzen

B) Kitty

C) Clatte

D) Chat


7. ‘The Love Cats’ was a hit for which band?

A) The Cure

B) Oasis

C) James

D) Blur


8. “The aristocratic ______ is a gem of the feline world. Their short, dense silver-tipped blue fur glistens and shimmers in the light as they move, providing an elegant setting for their glowing emerald green eyes.” Which cat breed is being described by the General Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) here?

A) Selkirk Rex

B) Russian Blue

C) Birman

D) British Shorthair


9. Complete this famous feline idiom which means to cause alarm or unrest: Set the cat among the ______.

A) Roses

B) Pigeons

C) Dogs

D) Fridge


10. According the PDSA Well-being report 2019, are there more pet cats or dogs in the UK?



10: Purrfect! You’re the cat that got the cream.

8-9: Top cat!

6-7: Grinning like a Cheshire cat!

3-5: Feline good!

0-2: Room for improvement!

(Scroll down for the answers).












1. False (they have a righting reflex, but are not guaranteed to always lands on their feet), 2. B, 3. A, 4. D, 5. Tom (from ‘Tom and Jerry’), 6. D, 7. A, 8. B, 9. B, 10. Cats. (Estimated 10.9 million cats to 9.9 million dogs.)