DIY puzzle feeder


Keep your kitty on his paws and make him work for his food with this DIY puzzle feeder.

You will need

  • Sturdy cardboard box
  • Various-sized cardboard rolls (we used toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, and poster tubes)
  • Non-toxic PVA glue or sticky tape
  • Scissors


1. Firstly, measure the height of the tubes against the box. With a ruler, mark a line around the box to cut along (no more than 10cm tall), then trim to size and ensure all jagged edges are neatened off. Cut any of the larger tubes down to fit the size of the box.

2. Next, stick the tubes upright to the base of the box with either non-toxic PVA glue or sticky tape. If using the glue option, it's best to leave the rolls overnight to allow the glue to dry.

3. When you are happy with the finished product, sprinkle treats or kibble in each of the holes. Why not hide a portion of your cat's daily dry food to make mealtimes more interesting?

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4. Sit back and watch your kitty have fun trying to fish the treats out!

This craft feature was originally printed in the March 2017 issue of Your Cat magazine.