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Holistic treatments for cancer in cats

Q My cat Tyler has already had one fibrosarcoma (a cancerous tumour) removed from her right shoulder blade and now it has come back. I know it will mean another operation for her, as this has been discussed.

Tyler is 11 years old and still very bright and playful with my other cat, Domino. While searching for an holistic treatment on the Internet I came across Neoplasene, a drug used by Native Americans.

Would I be allowed to use this product? I find it fascinating that there may be a natural remedy for treating cancerous tumours.

Holistic vet Holly Mash advises: I am glad to hear that Tyler is still playful and full of energy.

I must admit I had never heard of Neoplasene, so I looked it up. It's a herbal medicine made by a company in the USA and contains extracts of the bloodroot plant (Sanguinaria canadensis) along with halogens (minerals) and water. If and how it works, I don't know. As to whether you can import and use it for your cat - only a vet would be authorized to do this in this country.

Therefore, if you want to use this product I would talk to your vet, show him the information on the website and go from there. Unfortunately, I would warn you that if all these so-called 'wonder drugs' were really wonderful, we would all be using them and your vet would already have them in his store cupboard!

Homoeopathic treatment, as opposed to the herbal medicine detailed above, is another valid way of treating cancer and can be supportive in cases such as Tyler's. You would need to consult a homoeopathically trained vet (VetMFHom) for them to be able to prescribe an individualized remedy - called a constitutional - for Tyler, which would act to regulate her immune system and help her to cope with the tumours.