Happy Kitty Blankets

fleetwood, United Kingdom, FY78AS

Multi Purpose Eco-friendly scent infused cotton blankets enjoyed by cats of all ages.

Originally formulated to help cats coming into rescue, Happy Kitty Blankets have now become more and more popular and are now used by cats all around the UK. Happy Kitty Blankets are durable 100% cotton blankets which come packed inside a glass jar with their own scent packet. The scent packet itself contains a unique blend of dried plants that elicit a varied response depending on the needs of the cat at that particular moment.

A cat may use the blanket for play whilst indoors yet also be soothed and comforted by it in stressful situations i.e. fireworks or car journeys. We have been used and recommended by rescues, breeders, catteries, behaviourists, and groomers. We have also been featured in a magazine and previously sold out at London Cats northern cat show. We are a small family-run business and £1 from every jar sold goes directly to Tender Paws Cat Rescue.

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fleetwood road, fleetwood, United Kingdom, FY78AS
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