Kitties Staycation

Tadcaster, United Kingdom, LS24 9FF

Cat sitting is a great alternative to cat boarding and catteries. While Cat sitting Services come to your house to take care of your cat, cat boarding or catteries require your cat to change location. Cats are far more relaxed when left in the comforts of their own home, so this is why Kitties Staycation only offers an in-home cat sitting service tailored to suit you and your cats needs.

My cat sitting is a service where i come to your home to care for your cat while you are away on holiday or for a business trip. This pop-in service allows for affordable, stress free pet care as your cat will remain safe and happy at home. In most cases cats find it very stressful just going to the vets so taking them to a cattery is almost upsetting to them and us having to leave them somewhere strange as they do not like new environments full of unfamiliar smells.

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25 Burden Mews, Tadcaster, United Kingdom, LS24 9FF