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Blue (7)

Taken from us so suddenly, it broke our hearts to say goodbye, It's not the same without you mate. We miss you every day. Forever in our hearts and thoughts. Sleep easy Blue boy, until we meet again xxxxx

Ian Gallagher
Frankie (10)

Frankie, our little girl, you are physically gone but all of our love for you remains. We will continue to love you with our memories and stories. I would do anything to hold you again. Love, your Mamas

Amber Piacenti
Beijo (17)

She was perfect.

Lynne Mackenzie
Jimmy (Jim-Jim) (12)

We miss your sweet little soul 🐾

Pretty girl (12)

She was an amazing and loved. Cat all she wanted was to be loved she found it with me. Love you and miss you so very much. Rip pretty girl.

Lowell Grilliot
Grandma (12)

She was left behind. And she came looking for love and attention. We found her We gave her more love than she had ever known. She found happiness and love. Then she left us. We love you . RIP our loved one 😢

Lowell Grilliot
Grandma (12)

Grandma was a house cat that someone had set out . She came looking for love and attention. She finally found it with me.i gave her the best last 2 years of her life. Love and miss her dearly

Lowell Grilliot
Albert (10)

Goodnight darling boy, love you always.

Hayley Searle
Belle (2)

Our adorable, affectionate ‘Little Belle’ brought so much love into our home. A sweet, sensitive little cat, who loved cuddles on a morning and to chase bees and flies in our garden. Sleep tight little Belle

Heather Howard
Lulu (16)

My Dear Lulu, time for sleep now, my darling. Thank you for being you. Always unique and so very Lulu! We will miss you so very much, but you’ll be forever in our hearts. Goodnight my dear, sweet Lulu ❤️ Xx

Evie Drury
Night Nite (19)

I found our beauty left in a vacant apartment. She was so vocal you couldn't help but have a conversation with her. She'd tell us bye & welcome home. If she saw any part of the bottom of her food dish she'd yell at us to come fill it. Spoiled much? THAT SHE WAS. SHE WAS our baby

Sherrie Keith
Toulouse (10)

I loved you so much, bubsy. I don’t know what to do without you. You were the best friend I could have ever had and I’ll miss you every day for the rest of my life. I hope wherever you are they have lots of tuna and cheddar cat food and things for you to climb. I love you.

Megan Ditto