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Timmy (1)

Timmy you will be missed 😢 my little squishy baby.

Rachal Britton
Lady Jean Genie (18)

My beautiful rescue girl.. we found each other and had the best 6 years together, through lockdown and so much more . I will always remember you. Forever in my heart ♥️ Fly high my fur baby. Sara xx

Sara Ashlea
Jet (5)

Our beautiful Greek Warrior. You were far too young to leave us and you preferred to be alone when so unwell and just wandered away. I couldn't bury your little body because the foxes took it away before I could. Miss you. RIP special boy xx

Alison Paul
Suzy (18)

My gorgeous Suzy, I miss you so very much. I miss you always wanting to snuggle with me. You adored people but it was me you wanted to be with. You lived a long life and I hope it was as happy as you made me feel. There is a big big hole where the tiniest cat used to be.

Susan Kazula
Chester (13)

My beautiful baby boy. Time for sleepy peepys. Forever in my heart.

Elizabeth Knowles
Peanut (15)

My beautiful girl. Play among the clouds. You will be forever in my heart.

Elizabeth Knowles
Zazou (18)

I love you and miss you day and night. You're a beautiful little friend. Wishing you peace and happiness. I will find you in heaven one day.. Sending you every ounce of love I have always ❤️. X

Steven Dineen
Luna (2)

I'm sorry, Luna. I couldn't save you in time.... Im such an idiot. I'd sacrifice anything just to bring you back here. I miss your little paw, you going in a roundabout between my legs, the sound you make when you're jumping around.. Im sorry

Abu Dzar
Mr.Snuggles (aka mr.bum bum) (8)

He was the most snuggly kitty I have ever had. He was very adventurous too, he would leave for weeks at a time and always come back to see me. He was so sleepy and so sweet. I will miss him so much. I love you Mr bum bum.

Aurora Sikes
Misha (12)

Misha was the most beautiful cat with a wonderful personality who loved to be with me, sat on my lap or on my chest. She loved her catnip and her toys. I miss her terribly.

Vanessa Black
Sisu (13)

I miss you,y siempre lo haré😪

Marlene Gue
Sisu (13)

Mi sisu,mi hija,siempre te amare ,estuviste todo ese tiempo conmigo pero pienso no fue suficiente,espero Dios te de una reencarnación en esta vida y te pueda volver a tener conmigo,siempre te amare mi niña pura❤️

Marlene Gue