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Maddy (19)

Our beautiful boy who sadly passed last year. He gave us 19 years of love and I saw him being born. Miss him so much. Love you always Maddy xxxx

Tina Chirgwin
Yaughty (9)

My sweet baby. I wish I was with you when you passed, I hope you know how deeply you are loved. I will think of you everyday, home doesn't feel the same, I'm so sorry.

Nicole Ross
Flossie (12)

My beautiful Flossie, thank you for choosing me to be your Mam. I love you forever❤

Angela Craggs
Popeye (15)

My beautiful girl night sweet dreams sleep tight love you always x

Patricia Slater
Popeye (15)

My beautiful girl who i took in as a stray loved her for two years my special lady RIP xnight sleep tight x

Patricia Slater
Pepper (15)

He was a handsome boy and a much loved cat. He loved his garden, his many beds and his toys. He had great care from the vet team and is truly missed.

Helen Fisher
Kali (17)

Forever in hearts and thoughts. Never forgotten. Sleep tight baby girl. X💔

Joanne Webb
jamie (16)

miss our boy jamie so much xx been eight years since we had to say goodbye, will never forget you jamie

Isabeau (9)

We love you, little Beau. You are much missed. Wait for us at Rainbow Bridge.

Jackie Daly
Pebbles (18)

Pebbles became an angel on the day of the brave, St George's day. I will always love her with all my heart. She is irreplaceable and she made me happier than I have ever been before. She is ,and forever will be, the love of my life.

Suzanne O
Olive (13)

I miss you my sweet boy. I remember your loud purrs and how you were always so friendly and loving. You are in my heart forever, darling boy.

Fiona Karbal
Smudge (13)

My baby boy smudge aka fluff ball tank mammy misses u so much u are loved it broke my heart letting you go but I are at peace three year in august my boy mammy loves u and so does Lucy and she not your replacement no cat could ever replace u

Debra Lowther