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Po'o Pa'akiki (14)

Words can't begin to describe how much we miss you! I hope you know how much we loved you & always will. Your brother Kolohe cries for you as I do, but we will all meet again at Rainbow Bridge with tears of joy. With one fond embrace, Aloha 'Oe my precious Po'o.

Barbara Werth
Cooper panda bear (5)

My amazing big man carebear, why did you have to leave me, I hope you weren't afraid and knew how much we love you, your santa presents are buried with you x

Vanessa Murphy
Cooper panda bear (5)

Im sorry I never got to say goodbye and wish that I had of met you sooner you deserved love, the most affectionate amazing carebear I have ever had the pleasure off knowing love an miss you forever bigman So glad you finally had a family those last precious few months x

Vanessa Murphy
Squeaky (17)

Squeaky, you were my world, and I miss you so much. I am grateful for all your comfort, affection and company, and I'm so sorry to have had to say goodbye. May we one day meet again, for eternal cuddles. Xoxo

Marc Gelmon
LUCKY (14)

Darling Lucky we are greatly devastated by the sorrow of you not being with us anymore. You taught us the the true spirit of unconditional love my dear. You were very special and your place is always in our hearts .We live in your fond memories. May your soul be blessed.

Usha Bala
Sooty my fiance's family cat (17)

Sleep in peace at rainbow bridge beautiful girl. Will miss you sitting on my lap when visiting. Xxxx

Eugenia Golding
Princess (14)

We lost our Princess this week, she was missing for two days and found under a tree in our neighbor's yard. I am grateful we found her. You will be missed more than you could possibly ever know my dear old friend and I hope you know how much you were loved.

Colleen Malinowski
Houdini (15)

He may be called Houdini, but he will never escape from our hearts ❤️

Melissa Bremner
Patch (17)

My darling Patch who died last Thursday. I am devastated

patch (17)

This is my darling Patch who died last Thursday evening. Mummy misses you and is devastated

Sarah Garrett
LEO (14)

Our Leo, a loving , loyal, proud , kind friend through all the years. Your spirit will always be with us. Thank you lovely Leo xxxxx

sally champken
Maxito (12)

Maxito, I remembered the day we rescued from the payless store. You were and still is my best friend for 12 years. I just wish i couldve said goodbye to you one last time before you left me alone in this world. i know youre in a better place now and i love you Maxito!

Liliana Lopez