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Rags (14)

Still miss you old boy, think of you every day, your picture has pride of place, till we meet again, love mummy xxx

Lesley McNeill
Cilla (12)

Cilla (because she was black) was our first rescue cat in Spain, once we’d rehomed her babies she was neutered and lived with us for 11 years, before going away to die. Now we’ve returned to live in the UK I’m sure we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Christine Lawrie
Micio (18)

Micio was an 18 year old tabby. We grew up together. I was only 13 when he came to me as a tiny kitten. He was my best friend on earth and a loyal companion and supporter who never ever left my side. He has left a huge void in my broken heart. I will never forget him ♥️🐾

Ruth Vella
George (18)

George, my beautiful cat, pet and friend. You are sadly missed and will always be in my heart. Love and miss you so much.

Pauline Stott
Mr Cat (6)

Nights aren’t the same without you matey I hope wherever you ended up you found what you were seeking Keep off the road and watch out for the fox Miss you buddy xx

Chester (7)

Chester sadly passed away on the 30.01.20 far too young... will miss you my beautiful boy xx

Nicola Brown
Mr Cat (19)

My Shadow my you beautiful boy. 31.08.16

Nicola Brown
Sasha (13)

You were the poly-dactyl love of my life. I cannot describe how hollow our home feels without you. Love always and rest well.

Thomas Morton
Shugy (14)

Shugy the warrior princess, my soulmate who bravely fought cancer for 3.5yrs. Forever in my broken heart 💜💔💜

Leeanne Maginn
Shellie (4)

Have a good sheep Shellie. You will always be my best friend. I will see you in Rainbow Bridge. Xxxx

Isabelle Golmier
Ravi (1)

Missing you more than words can say little man. Taken from us the week before Christmas at only 7 months. Your life was short Ravi but you will always be remembered, we keep you close to our hearts. Sleep tight beautiful boy, mummy and daddy love you lots. X X X

Lesley McNeill
Ravi (7)

Miss you so much little man, at 7 months you were taken too soon, you featured in this wonderful magazine when you were 13 weeks old. We lost you to lymphoma the week before Christmas and it hurts so much. Sleep peacefully beautiful boy. Love mummy and daddy x x x

Lesley McNeill