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Charles - Linda Rankin
Charles (15)

Unique. Will be for ever in our hearts.

Linda Rankin
Zelda (15)

Always in our hearts

Susan Magness
Ollie (17)


Kerri Boyle
Ernie (11)

Miss you & love u with all my heart my beautiful boy.

Laura Elliott
Sox (3)

Well love you forever, Sox

Hannah Taylor
Sox (3)

Forever in our hearts

Hannah Taylor
Princess (7)


Gemma Miller
Sid - Laura, Ben, Diane unknown
Sid (17)

Our dear friend, we love you so much. Sleep tight and see you on the bridge XXX

Laura, Ben, Diane unknown
Gizmo (12)

I will miss you every day. My beautiful and special cat

Donna Mcdowall
Spotty - Dinah Kiehl
Spotty (9)

We love you forever

Dinah Kiehl
Arthas (5)

Youre our everything, always.

Norah A
Pete (10)

Rest In Peace my very special friend

Jennifer Hay