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Figero (figgy) (2)

My cat figero (figgy) born 15th April 2017 got ran over over the weekend between 12-16th Dec 2019! He would of been 3 next year, I'm missing him Terribly, the guilt I feel is killing me inside

Samantha Holden
Timmy (20)

Timmy our beautiful boy. 1999 to 2019 RIP Always in our hearts

Jane Shaw
Ruby (2)

My Ruby who was born on the 10th of April 2017 sadly got run over on the 6th of October 2019. I miss her so much, she was the best cat ever, she was my best friend. 😭

Emma Marcroft
Jelly and Bleep (20)

Jelly was around through all the bad and good times and lived a long and happy life, with a wise look about her. She followed me everywhere. Bleep was a little younger but died shortly after after Jelly, I think she just missed her old friend. Never forgotten xx

samantha chapman
Jerry (3)

Miss and love you always Jerry. Taken far too young. Hope you sitting on grandma's lap purring away. Xxx

Lynda Thornett
Bobby (11)

My beautiful boy bobby always in our hearts we love and miss you dearly xxxx❤️❤️

Emma Tattersall
Felek (7)

I want to see my baby again stretched across the summer swathes basking in the balmy rays of golden hue My soulmate and best friend, too good for this world. Thank you for all your love. I love you and miss you always. See you at the rainbow bridge my beautiful boy.

Marley (10)

Our beautiful black cat Marley was put to sleep after a sudden illness took him away from us. He was so loyal, caring and loving. I always wanted a black cat ever since I was a little girl and I ended up with the best. Sleep tight Marls, we love you.

Laura Durber
Gatsby (7)

Our beautiful and beloved baby boy. Taken too soon by HCM. We miss you every day. Sweet dreams on that big pillow in the sky.

Sonja Ellson
Gabbie Tabbie (20)

My dearest furbaby, we miss you SO much. Our heart still and always will ache. You have left forever paw prints in our hearts. Sleep tight ♥️

Fabienne Salmon
Sooty (5)

Miss you every day

Lorraine Williams
Boo (13)

Miss you Boo

Karen Frankland