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Sugar (18)

My beautiful girl sugar. We spent 18 happy years together. You watched me grow from a child to an adult. When you passed it broke my heart into pieces. I will never forget you. Love you moo moo xxxxxxx

Laura Buttle
Snicklefritz (Fritzie) (11)

My Fritzie was the light of my life. She was one of a kind and I loved her SO much. My heart is broken and I miss her so much. There will always be a Fritzie-shaped hole in my heart. Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge my Pretty Fritty. I will always love you....

Deb Bolk
Smidge (21)

The sweetest little cat who spent 14 of her 21 years with me being spoilt rotten and brightening my days. Missed greatly by me and my 10 year old boy Pi.

Victoria Pope
Roland aka Roly ()

1985-1998 miss my loveable funny boy who I grew up with with the two dogs now you all together again miss you all so much xx

Donna Karen Hill
Charlie (12)

Charlie was such a beautiful and wonderful cat. He was my best friend my flat buddy. He was very affectionate and loving. Charlie I will always love you I miss you so, so much! You will ALWAYS have a special place in my hart. I love you so, so much x

Chris Staples
Baby (13)

My Baby girl your missed so much not a day goes by that we don't think of you your pawprint will be forever on my heart love you my big girl miss you xxxx

Amy Louise Moore
Cassie (Cassandra Champagne) (16)

Cassie sadly passed away after her beloved dog brother Ben died; she pined for him daily. But they had over 12 happy years together - Ben came into her life as a 3-month-old rescue Irish Wolfhound puppy and she 'supervised' him. She was a delightful cat and very pretty.

Catherine Parker
Sandy ()

Such a gentle soul that was my lifeline but due to medical complications I had to have him put to sleep June 14th.I miss him so much.went over the rainbow bridge to meet patsy(June 2010) and Peter (February 2016)

susan mears
Lollipop ()

Never forgotten. Always loved.

Elizabeth Knowles
sandy (17)

my gentle soul s for a year he fought diabetes \pa ncreatitis and IBD and finally although eating well could not absorb his food so I had to say goodbye Jjune 14th

susan mears
Twinkle (18)

Twinkle, you were my diva queen, the Kate Moss of the cat world, (only liked certain food) You were so gentle, sweet , and I miss you so much x

Angela Rhodes
henry (20)

Our Henry (cooper) 20 year old fantastic nature great father figure to Molly and Benji and Lucy. Strange how empty the house is without him. Sadly missed.

madeleine cooper