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Caramel ()

Even though i only had you for 5 months, you were my best friend. I wish i couldve saved you. You were my baby, I feel like i betrayed you. I wish you were still here, i miss you. Im so sorry... I hope it was the right decision.. i love you..

Missy (14)

Missy you were a truly special little girl and we miss you terribly. We were blessed you chose us and we got to spend 10yrs with you by our side. Rest up little bear and take care until the time comes for us to be together again. We love you dearly Miss Miss xx

Laura & Louisa
Adolf (8)

My precious, heaven sent angel. Wait for me, with your beautiful brothers and sister, Fluffy , Midnight and Pussy Willow, at Rainbow Bridge. All my love, always. Your heartbroken Mum xxxxxx

Jane Roberts
Jake (16)

Remembering Jake who went over the rainbow bridge 2 years ago and is still very much missed. Jake was my soul mate and there will never be another like him.

Fraggle (15)

My Fraggle who went to the Rainbow Bridge in June 2017 due to cancer. She was the sweetest natured cat. I miss you Fraggle

Anna Kerr
George (19)

My George who went to the Rainbow Bridge in April 2017. I miss you my ginger boy

Anna Kerr
Tom (17)

My Tom who went missing almost a year ago. I wish I knew what happened to you. I have looked everywhere for you. I miss you

Anna Kerr
Max ()

My boy Max. Missed so much and all the cuddles. Never forgotten xxxx

Rebecca Everitt
Kiki (19)

Kiki the most loyal and funny cat always brought so much joy to our lives and never failed to put a smile on our face will always be in our hearts and will never been forgotten.

Chloe Medlock
sooty ()

my mums cat she had when she lived on the farm he was all black cat hence his name sadly missed

Donna Karen Hill
soo ()

my mums cat she had when she lived on the farm missed dearly

Donna Karen Hill
Tom ()

my cat I had when I was a toddler very docile boy and a friendly boy made friends quickly when we got another cat Roland and the two dogs sadly missed along with the family pets

Donna Karen Hill