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Bella (18)

The most gentle, loving and beautiful cat it has ever been my privilege to share my home with. Bella, I miss you very much but am grateful we were friends for so long. xxx

Linda Welch
Sassy (19)

Her paw prints will stay on my heart forever.

Paulene Grant
Hamish (10)

Hamish 17/04/06 - 02/12/16 my special boy, lost too soon to PKD miss and love you loads xxx

Sue Grant
Harper (4)

We’ll miss you baby girl,our little fluff ball, love you forever x

Craig Close
Hughie (15)

Hughie was my best friend, making my school life and teenage years easier, and a fluffy friend to come home to. Hughie will be very missed, he definitely made our house a home with his adorable presence. Lots of love my sweetheart xxx

Anna King
Doerak (15)

Born in 2004 Our relationship started out a little distant, until you grew closer towards us. You opened up our hearts towards you and grew more affectionate over the years. We will forever cherish your memory. Rest in peace sweet princess

Jacob Nauta
Tabby (17)

Our Tabby baby girl, always remembered and never forgotten. Cuddled up now in the clouds xxx

Nathalie Margey
Skittles (14)

Skittles was a such a sweet cat. I will miss our cuddles during TV time and your random “zoomies”. I will miss the sounds of you grooming while I’m trying to sleep. I will miss seeing you in the window everyday. I miss you so much and pray that your spirit is at rest and happy.

Natrice Crawford
Izzy (12)

My special girl, you were never far from my side, always wanting attention and making me laugh with your funny little quirks. Miss you so much baby girl. xx

June Forester
Stanley (2)

You were my best friend,my constant companion and taken from me much too soon. Love you

Kim Moore
Louis (15)

Louis was a very very special cat , who bravely had to cope with a lot of ill health . You put up with me ( your mum ) doing your daily injections .Giving you Mediation each day. And took it all like the big brave boy you were. Louis we miss you RIP xx

Gillian Stevenson
Brownie (2)

This is Brownie who was a stray male cat that came to the door. He was sick and been a stray for years. I should have tried to cure him myself. I very much regret that. Love you Brownie. May Jesus have you in his arms.

Jean Bellinfantie