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jamie (16)

miss our boy jamie so much xx been eight years since we had to say goodbye, will never forget you jamie

Isabeau (9)

We love you, little Beau. You are much missed. Wait for us at Rainbow Bridge.

Jackie Daly
Pebbles (18)

Pebbles became an angel on the day of the brave, St George's day. I will always love her with all my heart. She is irreplaceable and she made me happier than I have ever been before. She is ,and forever will be, the love of my life.

Suzanne O
Olive (13)

I miss you my sweet boy. I remember your loud purrs and how you were always so friendly and loving. You are in my heart forever, darling boy.

Fiona Karbal
Smudge (13)

My baby boy smudge aka fluff ball tank mammy misses u so much u are loved it broke my heart letting you go but I are at peace three year in august my boy mammy loves u and so does Lucy and she not your replacement no cat could ever replace u

Debra Lowther
Sunny St Tropez (11)

My sweet baby is gone. Heartbreaking.

patricia small
thomas (18)

devastated that you have been taken from me.i will always love you and never forget you .gone from my touch but never my heart.

carol ward
Mutu (15)

Cannot believe a year has passed since I had to let you go, I will never forget you Mutu love mummy x

Torcha ()

Dear Torcha you will alaways be my first cat and will always be in my heart❤️ You were a loving, sometimes cuddly cat❤️ I will miss you for ever and ever and you will always have my love ❤️

Harmony Scott
Kreja (Jay) (16)

My Dear Jay You have left a hole in my heart that will never heal. You were the most loving, caring, intuitive, intelligent little soul. I will never forget you. You gave me so much love and comfort .My soulmate.RIP my sweet angel. I love you ❤️😇

Tajana Djuricic
Stella (12)

My lovely cat Stella I think about you everyday I miss you so much RIP little one x

andy Philo
Biscuit (16)

We lost you only yesterday and it feels like this pain will never end. You had no idea what you gave us whilst you were here and we will miss you more than you can ever know. Rest in peace baby girl. Golden oldie feature in this magazine June 18

Maureen Hodgkiss