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Paris (20)

Since 25 August 2019 a Paris shaped hole has been left in our lives. She was my Paris Princess and there for us during a house move, new additions to our family and through the loss of loved ones. Thank you for being my best friend I miss you so much. Sleep well my gorgeous girl

Tracy Wheeler
Ollie (16)

My darling boy Ollie, It's almost 4 years since you crossed the bridge I'll never forget you baby XX

Rosemary Shepherd
Pinot (14)

My dearest Pinot. You passed 6 months ago and not a day has gone by without shedding a tear. We miss you so much and our love for you will remain in our hearts for ever. RIP ❤️

Moira Griffiths
Xerxes (15)

Such a special boy 💕💕and SO missed 💔😿

Julie Hyland
Ember (16)

Ember was beautiful, sweet, & still catching mice up until the day she died 14/09/19. She loved her life, the fields & trees & places for her to run & climb were any cats paradise! Bye Emby, love you, & we'll always celebrate you every December 1st, your birthday x

Carrie Talbot-Ashby
Chip & Snow (17)

My beloved little Chip passed away this year the day after her 17th birthday after a long battle with cancer. She is now reunited with her best friend and brother, Snow, who passed away in 2016. They are both greatly missed x

Victoria Middleton
Sancha (18)

My darling pookie, how I still miss you so. I only lost you in January but the house is not the same without you. Bronya misses you so much. I'll see you again Sancha, just wait for me xxx

Lesley Paterson
Stan and Kyle (14)

Stan walked the green mile yesterday, never found him, Kyle did the same thing about 3 years ago, never found him either. Pretty sad last few days.

chris grimes
Tuppy (14)

A faithful companion til the end, will be sorely missed everyday. I’m sorry I didn’t have chance to say goodbye xxx

Laura Johns
Sooty (6)

My beloved Sooty sadly died 6 years ago and not a day goes by that I don't think about her and wish that I could have one last cat hug from her. She was the most loving cat. I will love you forever my precious furry friend. xx

Keeley Warburton
Lola (1)

Lola was the sweetest most loving little cat.She was so adventurous &loving. Only 1year old gone far too soon.You will always hold a special place in our hearts Lola.RIP.xx

Yvonne Simon
Crystal (19)

My sweet Crystal, you were such a little dainty lady, we will miss you so much. You fought so hard to stay, taking your meds each day without complaint. Run free sweet fur child. Love you forever. xx

Anne O'Shea