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Tiger (8)

You were beautiful such a charming and some cat loving memories love you

Anthony Simms
Snowy (12)

our beautifully blue eyed boy,killed by a dog, 13/1/18 ,will never 4get.

Janice Hall
Teddy - Kay & Darren unknown
Teddy (14)

R.I.P our beautiful furbaby gone from our sight but always in our hearts xxxx

Kay & Darren unknown
Mew Mew (7)

My beautiful baby, you will be missed.

Razia Khanam
Millie (18)

Ill will miss you my beautiful Millie, youll always have a place in my heart.

Marcus Wolsey
Poe (16)

Forever in our hearts. We love you.

Rebecca Wise
Rosie - Paul Murphy
Rosie (13)

Rest in peace my baby princess girl xx

Paul Murphy
Gizmo (19)

Giz, I miss you so were my buddy here for 19 years. I hope you feel young again??

Mal Prentice
Charles - Linda Rankin
Charles (15)

Unique. Will be for ever in our hearts.

Linda Rankin
Zelda (15)

Always in our hearts

Susan Magness
Ollie (17)


Kerri Boyle
Ernie (11)

Miss you & love u with all my heart my beautiful boy.

Laura Elliott