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Casey (19)

My wonderfully affectionate little lady. Sadly diagnosed and lived with diabetes for her last two years. She coped well despite the daily injections and vet vists. I miss my cuddles. Sleep tight Casey baby x

Karen Wells
Sooty (18)

Easily the grumpiest & quirkiest of my cats :-) He loved water, he would paddle around in the shower tray after I'd got out. Loved cheesy doritos & mac & cheese & weirdly peas & olives. Old age caught up with him and he passed a week before his 18th. Sleep tight Sooty plooty x

Karen Wells
Sunny (14)

Had Sunny since the minute he was born as his mum was one of my cats. He was always a mummy's boy, preferring his cat mum to his human mum. I never heard him fuff or growl throughout his entire life, he purred constantly. Sadly taken by kidney disease. Sleep tight Sunny boy x

Karen Wells
Gizmo (20)

Had Gizmo since she was 8 weeks old. She grew old gracefully and without incident until old age caught up with her two weeks after her 20th birthday. Sleep tight granny Gizmo x

Karen Wells
Toby (10)

I was fostering for CPL when I rescued Toby. He was about 2 or 3 and I couldn't bear to part with him. Lost far too quickly to cancer. Sleep tight my lovely laddie x

Karen Wells
Miui (9)

Our handsome boy Moo, it was always going to feel too soon but we never expected it happening now, the house is too quiet as no more meowing at the treat cupboard or finding tea towels on the floor. We all miss you so much but especially your baby sister Minnie. We love you Moo x

Ann Marie
Beau (2)

My handsome Beau, taken away from me 21st August 2019. From a foster to mine, I fell in love with you and couldn’t let you go. You loved to talk to me about your day and made me feel loved. I will always miss you my darling boy. Wait for me. 💔

Sally Woolf
Dinky (16)

The most beautiful girl, we miss you so much. Forever in our hearts little Dinkystar 💕

Dawn Robinson
Bunny (3)

Our gorgeous girl. Sadly pts due to antifreeze poisoning on 24th August 2019. Miss her so much xxxx

Tina Chirgwin
Thomasina (22)

Our wonderful girl who we miss very much. Thomasina will never be forgotten. RIP. X

Chloe Medlock
Lucky (11)

Lucky was such a loving cat. I could carry him around like a baby. He was my gentle giant. He was a street cat who visited many houses, but chose to come to me when he got injured and here he stayed until he passed away.

Trisha Lynch
Molly (9)

Molly had a bad start to her life. She took refuge from an abusive house where the children were very rough with her. She was only a small cat but oh so sprightly. She was so funny, yet she had a tiger streak in her. She had the meekest meow and was my little beauty.

Trisha Lynch