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Nelson (16)

Nelson was a rescue cat who lost his battle with FGESF , an awful castrointestinal disease on 13/12/21. Nelson was a character, lovely affectional companion for many years ( in happy and sad times alike). Nelson will be greatly missed each day but lots of happy memories GBNF.

Anthony McMahon
Ivan (14)

My darling blue eyed boy, you were the gentlest and most loving boy. I loved you from the first minute I saw you and will love you forever more, you certainly left your paw prints on my heart. Rest in Peace, until we meet again. xxxx

June Forester
Downey (17)

I loved you very much. You were one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever found in a feline companion. I miss you, and I hope that you found peace in your release. Thinking of you, my sweet boy.

Jane Clifford
Purdy (15)

My precious Purdy crossed the Rainbow Bridge 3 years ago. Two days ago I finally got my ever lasting memorial of her, a tattoo of her beautiful face. I miss her every day, and will never forget the love we shared.

Karen Kirkwood
Bella (11)

My beautiful Bella, the sweetest soul, I miss you so much. I cry every day that I can no longer be with you, the heartache is immense. I love you and will hold you in my heart forever until we meet again, mummy xx

Garfield (9)

Sadly taken from me far too soon on 14/11/2021. I've been left truly heartbroken by your sudden loss. I don't know what I'm going to do without your daily cuddles and nuzzles. I'm going to miss you so much, I'll never forget you. Rest in peace my baby boy xxx

Michael Richardson
Blue (7)

Taken from us so suddenly, it broke our hearts to say goodbye, It's not the same without you mate. We miss you every day. Forever in our hearts and thoughts. Sleep easy Blue boy, until we meet again xxxxx

Ian Gallagher
Frankie (10)

Frankie, our little girl, you are physically gone but all of our love for you remains. We will continue to love you with our memories and stories. I would do anything to hold you again. Love, your Mamas

Amber Piacenti
Beijo (17)

She was perfect.

Lynne Mackenzie
Jimmy (Jim-Jim) (12)

We miss your sweet little soul 🐾

Pretty girl (12)

She was an amazing and loved. Cat all she wanted was to be loved she found it with me. Love you and miss you so very much. Rip pretty girl.

Lowell Grilliot
Grandma (12)

She was left behind. And she came looking for love and attention. We found her We gave her more love than she had ever known. She found happiness and love. Then she left us. We love you . RIP our loved one 😢

Lowell Grilliot