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Gizmo (4)

You were gone too soon our sweet angel boy fly high sweet angel to the arms of daddy love mummy Yoda &blackie xx

Angie Chapman
Bobby (17)

Our beautiful, gentle Bobby went over the rainbow 2 weeks ago. We miss you so much.

Karen Brown
Indy (12)

You’ve been there for it all buddy and we will always love you and miss you. Your night night kisses and all the ways you’d make your presence known. You were a good friend and always there to offer a friendly snuggle. The kids miss you as well.

Greg Lauderdale
BellyButton (19)

A year since you passed and you hung in there for so long, loving, loyal, dear and sweet to the end! I miss you still, you were such a darling wonderful companion! Love you Bellybutton!

Cheryl Gallagher
Lola (15)

Lola was a special kitty with a funny and loving little personality. I got her and her brother when I was 4 years old. She loved to cuddle everyone and give kisses. She was my best friend. I will always be grateful for the 15 years we spent together. I love you Lola ♡︎

Harry Truman (13)

I adopted Harry Truman when he was 8, I had just finished school and moved to a new state all by myself. He was my best friend when I had no one else and has remained so over the past 5 years. A gentle, loving smart cat. I miss you so much already, I’ll love you forever and ever.

H Olsen
Pusski (15)

Pusski, you are the most gorgeous cat that had the sweetest heart. I still think about & miss you very much x 🖤

Naughty Ness (16)

Ness you have left the biggest hole in our hearts. You were such a special member of our family. We miss you sitting on our shoulders and nibbling our noses. I miss you sleeping on my pillow and purring softly in my ear. I hope your safe with your brother Louis. Love you always x

Susie Harris
Smokie (9)

I miss you so much, beautiful girl. Wait for me, I'll be along when my work here is done. Love you. Miss you.

Teresa Williams
Rosie (17)

Rest in peace my beautiful girl 30/8/20. Run free my darling, no longer in pain. Wait for me at rainbow bridge 💔

Ellen Sewell
Mika (8)

I miss you every day. You were truly a cat for the disabled (me) & followed me everywhere & kept me company. Everyone loved you. Sadly died from undiagnosed HCM. You left us too soon & our hearts were broken.

Ruth Darley
Samantha (18)

Forever loved, my best friend who saw me through my darkest days. I hope you can forgive me for not being there when you took your last breath.

helen boutorwick