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Tigger (16)

Sleep tight my best bud!Gone but never forgotten .It’s been a pleasure,I hope I didn’t selfishly keep you any longer than was necessary I think the right time was upon us to depart .I will miss your kneck cuddles and nuzzles for ever.Run free over the rainbow bridge my friend

Shaun Wakes
Spock ()

Our gorgeous kitten Spock, too good for this cruel world. You meant so much to this family in your too- short time with us, you are perfection itself and we miss you deeply every day. Thank you so much for the love you gave us. Sweet dreams, beautiful X x X x X x

Laura Adams
Snowy & Sonny (16)

We will love & miss you both forever. You are such special boys. Lots & lots of love forever xxxx

Darren Rose
Monkey (12)

We had to say goodbye today and our hearts are broken. You fell ill so quickly and we are sorry that we were not able to make you better. Sleep tight little miss xxx Mummy and daddy xxxx

Maureen Hodgkiss
Lady (13)

My Best Friend,LovedSister of Belle,Very Much Missed and Loved xxx.

Ian Chandler
Sonny Jim (2)

Rest In Peace Bimby. We will love you forever X

Darren Rose
Frenchy (20)

Miss and love you Frenchy x 😭

Hayley Wall
Ibi (14)

RIP my loved furbaby!!!

Eszter Redlinger-Kiss
Gypsy (19)

You have been my best friend for 19 years and I miss you, you quirky little monster. RIP baby girl! 😪

Sue Foster
Salem (5)

Taken from me far too young in very tragic circumstances on 11/9/22. I'll miss your purr and your middle-of-the-night cuddles. Run free with the others at the Rainbow Bridge, sleep well my little bubs, I will never forget you. XXX

Michael Richardson
Mamzy (7)

You will always be part of my life, heart, and memories.

sanaa alrashidi
Caesar (7)

Gone to soon X Thank you for all the love and joy your bought to us. We miss you dearly Paul and Yenny xxxx

Paul Wallis