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Mooey (11)

Mooey, you were a comforting companion. My Black Widow which I can't bring back but the Avenger that always knew when I needed support. Sleep does not come easy now, but by memorializing you, I hope it brings closer.

Morgen Martin
Tabsie (15)

Dear Tabsie, You’ve been by my side for my whole life - I miss you everyday. Love you so much Tabsie Wabsie I hope you had a good life and you are the best pet a boy could ask for. Love you lots Tabsie as does Caspa, Beth, Mum and Dad xxx

Robbie Stevens
Mercedes (16)

R.I.P I really miss her 2003 - 2019 I hope to see her either hope to see her in the after life, or her in her next life, I don't care about what she will look like, she will still be my cat

Desiree smith
Buttons (18)

Our beautiful chocolate Burmese Buttons - we miss you so much that words just cannot explain, love from Mum and Dad xxx

David Gibson
Rags (14)

Miss you so much rags, you were my best wee pal for 14 years. Sameer misses you too , your so loved and will never be forgotten. Till we meet again. Mummy xxx

Lesley McNeill
Charlie (17)

Sleep tight my beautiful boy and brother to Boo who misses you so much like we all do who knew you. I love you and thank you for being my companion xxx

Sharon ford
Mittens (2)

My cat mittens died 2 days ago was such a shock 2 me mittens i.wish there was more I could of done for you I love you forever and always run free baby will never forget you your now out of pain we all we miss you so much 💓💓💔💔💔💔💔

Jadie Byng
Mittens (2)

My beloved cat died on Saturday 5 October mittens I love you so much I'm sorry couldn't do more 2 help you I will never ever forget you run free baby boy you always be in my heart forever and always

Jadie Byng
Oracle (15)

Our beloved girl passed away in May this year. We will always be lost without her.

Tracey Nicolle White
smooch (8)

I cannot believe you are gone smoochy lou. We are heartbroken. Your huge miaow and constant purr were a constant in our lives. You will never be forgotten our darling little girl and we will meet again xxxx

Angela Dearson
Paris (20)

Since 25 August 2019 a Paris shaped hole has been left in our lives. She was my Paris Princess and there for us during a house move, new additions to our family and through the loss of loved ones. Thank you for being my best friend I miss you so much. Sleep well my gorgeous girl

Tracy Wheeler
Ollie (16)

My darling boy Ollie, It's almost 4 years since you crossed the bridge I'll never forget you baby XX

Rosemary Shepherd