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Honey (17)

Honey was my kitty from the time I was 5 months till I turned 17 she was the best cat ever. We found out honey had cancer in march of 2015. she was the sweetest most lovable cat. we love and miss you every single day RIP my Honey Bunny.

Brittini Dabrowski
Misty (17)

My beautiful girl had a long battle with hyperthyroidism. Her mom wandered into my parents yard from the woods 17 years ago pregnant. Having Misty has been a blessing. My daughter was 4 when she was adopted and this past year turned 21. Misty will be forever missed and loved

Deanna Perry
Onyx (8)

My darling boy who was taken to soon on 8 Sept 2020 love you always. You had cancer and I couldn't save you miss you every day. Crying as write this

Karen Bull
Beardy (2)

You left too soon, my beardy baby bunky boy. I'll miss you laying down with me in bed and the little hops you would do to get pets. I'm sorry for any pain you felt and that I couldn't help you more. I'll always love you.

Ashley Arredondo
Yoshi (14)

My boy, Yoshi. For 14 years you've helped me through every large milestone in my life. You have been there and never judged, only listened and loved me. I will miss you more than I can even describe. The house seems cold and quiet without your voice. We love you. x mama

Lisa Carlson
Gordis (15)

Hi my dear gordis I'm going to miss you all my life. You left so sudden you were here but the next minute gone. Everyday has been hard on me remembering your face and the way you used to lick my face in the morning to wake me up. The way you would place your tiny head on my arms.

Belky Reyes
Molly (20)

You’d been there my whole life, now part of me is missing. I don’t know what I’ll do without our daily cuddles or you sat in my lap as I work. I hope you know you were so loved and that you meant the world to me. I miss you more than words can say. I love you always baby girl.

Bethan Breeze
Furby Huggleby Be My Baby (7)

Hi Furby This is your mommy & daddy Thank you for accompanying us for the past 7 years We're sorry if we did anything wrong to you We promised that we wont stop thinking of you. We love you & we know you love us too

Fitri Ghani
Tibbs (4)

We lost you so young, wish we new what had happened to you. Miss you so much. Forever in our hearts.

Helen Charalambous
Fluffy (1)

Gorgeous little boy, you left us so soon, you will always be forever in our hearts.

Helen C
Susie (15)

Sweetest kind natured Susie, we loved you very much. Rest in peace.

Helen C
Monty (4)

Beautiful Monty, you left as so soon. Forever missed by all the family. Rest in peace sweet gal xx

Helen C