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Thumper (5)

He was loved deeply. I miss him so much. He was really sick. He got out one night and never returned.

Amelia Rose
Pepe (13)

A beautiful, affectionate, temperamental and expressive soul. Pepe was intelligent and tended to be the organiser of the fur family. Pepe, you leave a big gap in our lives. I'll always miss you. Have fun with Ziggy and Stubbie on Rainbow Bridge.

Penelope Ludicke
Tigg (11)

Darling boy, taken early. Amazing soul, always with me. Together fostered 50 cats. Always at their side if issues. Smiles when you checked out adopters, esp if ham around. Lots memories, fun in the sun. Tummy tickles, cheese. Thk you for coming into my live. Always miss you.

Christine Bruce
Lula (10)

The most painful goodbye I have experienced so far in my life. Lula was cruelly taken from us by 2 tumours, We had to allow the Vet to take my little girl and make her pain go away. Goodbye Cupcake Daddy loves you and will see you again one day at the Rainbow Bridge.

Elliott Hill
Coco Channel (17)

Good night god Bless Beautiful xxx Run free with Felix you fought so hard or 2 years (liver cancer)

Sandra Shaw
Dolly (11)

More than half of my life you have been near me. Hopefully, you found peace. I will always miss you and love you dearly.

Nicolas Léchaud
Pinot (14)

You left this world 2 years ago and we miss you so much. In our thoughts and hearts sweet Pinot xxx .

Moira Griffiths
Menma (5)

Menma was my baby boy. I had to make the hard decision to euthanize him today he was in a LOT of pain. I still cannot believe that my baby is not here anymore I can't stop crying he was my beautiful baby boy. Fly high Menma mommy loves you

Melanie Ponce
Peanut (8)

Really saddened by the sudden loss of Peanut on 15th March 2021. He really was my little buddy. Really miss his meow, his purr and that he'd lay on my chest and lick my nose. Rest in piece little man, love you loads xx

Michael Richardson
Fizzgig (12)

Fizzgig taken from me too early 21/03/2021, my baby man, I can’t believe I’m never going to cuddle you again. I don’t have words to express the heartache I am feeling. Thank you for the love you brought into my life. My best friend. I will cherish our memories together always.

Leone Kingerlee
Titan (1)

My beautiful Titan taken from us far too soon to FIP. You were the most affectionate boy apart from clawing my toes at the bottom of the bed! Miss you every day and always in my heart ❤️

Alexandra Tomlin
Jumbie (15)

Words cannot express the sadness I feel over your death. Everywhere I look, I see reminders of you. You were truly my fur baby. I hope that you knew and understood just how deep my love was for you. You will always remain in my heart. My heart is broken.

Suze Stone