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Puffle (1)

love and miss you so much my beautiful Puffle, sadly taken in a car accident just before your 2nd birthday..we'll never forget you angel cat xxxx

samantha whittleton
Chewy (9)

I love and miss you so much my beautiful boy

Nicola Devall
Phoenix - Hayley Heron
Phoenix (15)

We will always love you, our beautiful baby girl. True Angels Leave Early. xHxEx

Hayley Heron
Belle (12)

My precious Belle who fell asleep on 22/02/2018 - I love you so so much and I miss you dearly

Angel Agyei
Tiger - Sharon Burgin
Tiger (19)

This is my beautiful girl who I sadly lost boxing day, she was very Ill she was a cat to be proud of

Sharon Burgin
Paddy Paws - Valerie Guppy
Paddy Paws (12)

miss you so much baby boy

Valerie Guppy
Mimmi - Trudy Darke
Mimmi (12)

miss you loads & will always love you

Trudy Darke
Disco (17)

My beautiful boy, I love you and miss you so much. See you over the bridge xxx

Kyle Sutherland
Jamie - David Morrell
Jamie (12)

Jamie we were so lucky to have such a lovely cat like you! Love mum & dad xxx

David Morrell
Lottie (20)

Thank you for two decades of unconditional love and happiness. We all love you. Xxxx

Phil Page
Tiger (8)

You were beautiful such a charming and some cat loving memories love you

Anthony Simms
Snowy (12)

our beautifully blue eyed boy,killed by a dog, 13/1/18 ,will never 4get.

Janice Hall