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Calcifer (2)

My feisty beast, you made your presence known and left your mark on the world. Receiving that phone call after someone saw you get hit was the worst call of my life. Your spark will never go out. We miss you. 💚

Kerry Dixon
Pinot (14)

Pinot sadly developed kidney disease quite suddenly and despite being put on a renal diet, was put to sleep in April. He was so loving, playful to the end and so very missed. A very special boy.

Moira Griffiths
Garfield (13)

My sweet boy, loved by so many and taken from us so tragically 2nd July. Life won't be the same without you.

Tina Battaglia
Casper and Missie (17)

Casper, my beautiful boy with my gorgeous girl, who I lost soon after this photo was taken, both much missed, every day. 💙❤

Claire Whisker
Booboo (16)

My sweet Boo, our Love. My heart breaks every day when I wake up and you're not with me. I can't believe it's been 12 months since we've seen you. I miss you so, so much. I hope you know how much you are still loved. Always and forever in my heart beautiful girl xxx

Claire-Louise Kinchin
Austin (2)

Austin (or Austin Cambridge) to give his full name, was hit by a car outside our house in April 2015 and died of his injuries. He was only 2 years old. We still have his brother Morris Oxford, but not a day goes by without us remembering him and we miss him dreadfully.

Liz James

Remembering my lovely cat Bobby who passed away age 6. Happy now art the Rainbow Bridge.

Dorothy Eyes
Nala (17)

Nala pop, queen of the bins, running with the nine ladies. Fare the well ❤

Deryn Bunce
Garfield (12)

In memory of Garfy, Mr Sainsbury's cat in Ely.

Sophie Linwood

1999 to 2015.. PUSHKIN always loved and missed. Rest In Peace dear friend, untill we meet again.

Heidi (12)

Heidi was a unique and very special little cat and we loved her so much. Our hearts will never mend.

Sheena Batey
Lita (18)

My lillybobs I've had you since I was 10, I wish I could have you back healthy and happy licking my nose and my hands. I'll forever miss your cuddles. 05/01 - 04/07/19