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Sox (4)

Seven years since you passed away so suddenly miss you so much lovely boy you were such a special little kitty. Have never really got 9ver your sudden passing xxxxx

Cheryl Evans
Feadan (15)

It is the anniversary of your death on the 3rd of Sept. I thoroughly miss your cheek, your endless snuggles, tolerating being hugged and your habit of curling up inside my zipped up sweatshirt.Your death was so unexpected and sudden is permanently engraved on my mind/heart/soul.

Karen Harrison
Saffy (3)

My first kitty lost you too early ♥️

Marie Buttrick
Maisy (8)

My sweet girl ♥️

Marie Buttrick
Daisy (8)

My princess Daisy ♥️

Marie Buttrick
Nemo (11)

Beautiful girl who I lost on 8 June. I still miss you every day. The gentlest cat with a bit of tortietude. I'm so grateful for having had you in my life.

Malley (10)

You were my best kitty and best friend. You provided the best emotional support just by being there and listening. You were an actual angel and prince. Thank you for everything you've done.

Silvie Taylor
Jonny (10)

I miss you so so much Jonny. You were not just my cat, you were my best friend. Going to miss all that you did. Miss the cuddles miss you running up to the car, miss you climbing into the shower with me. Miss you so much. Milo misses you so much to. Love you Jon Jon xxx

Ellie Tearle
Rasha (16)

Thanks Rasha for being a very kind and affectionate pet who always accompany me everyday whenever I do my gardening. You will be missed and remembered forever. We love you very much! Hope that I will see you again in the afterlife.

Marvin Reyes
Junior (16)

Junior was a great cat, who lived a long and happy life. He was so loved by his family. There's no more pain, and now he has all of heaven to explore while he waits for us to meet him again. You were the best little bud a family could have asked for. We love you.

Kevin DeClercque
Sox (22)

Miss you so much my handsome boy xx

Sharon Pearson
Dennis (19)

April-2001 June 2020 Always my little baby bear. Wishing you and Maggie love in the happy hunting ground. Thank you for your time with us and especially for Oscar, that has meant the world. Love you and Maggie forever xxxx

Gillian Russell