Rescue Cats

Adopting a rescue cat is an excellent alternative to buying a kitten (and some may say better!) as you are freeing up space in a rescue centre for another cat in need. There are plenty of rescue cats up and down the country in need of a new home, and we hope to highlight just some of the beautiful rescue cats that, usually through no fault of their own, have found themselves in a cat rescue centre.

We have plenty of advice on cat adoption, and below you’ll find a selection of rescue cats you may consider adopting. If you’re a cat rescue centre and would like to feature a rescue cat in our Rescue Cats section, please contact us with details. Over the next few months, we hope to build on this section and aim to help as many rescue cats as we can.

Thinking about adopting a rescue cat?

Taking a rescue cat into your heart and home isn’t just a responsible choice but can also be a really rewarding experience. The rehoming process can vary a little between shelters, but all should have the same goal — of making a perfect match. So, where to start? Our informative guide will help you find the right organisation and guide you through the rehoming process. READ OUR GUIDE HERE.

Five-year-old Rocket is currently at the RSPCA Southall branch, and needs a very special home, with experienced cat…
This is three-year-old Shadwell, he is a very special boy in need of a home where he can build a bond with someone over…
A ginger tabby cat who came into RSPCA care with a large abscess and had to wear a ‘lampshade’ collar for THREE MONTHS…
Mr Pumpkin
Mr Pumpkin is a beautiful golden oldie available for rehoming at RSPCA South Godstone in Surrey.
Handsome Cobweb is after a special place to call home this Halloween.