Sweet and sensitive Buddy here, I’m looking to move out of my current home and in to a new pad.

I am quite apprehensive and any new owner must take this in consideration and help me settle in gradually and at ease; get those plug ins in place, a temporary room set up and plenty of toys and scratching posts to help us build a bond!

I’m very shy and finding that ’mad cat lady’ would be ideal for me! Someone who prefers my company to the hustle and bustle of visitors and children.

I may be young but I enjoy the peace and quiet and just to be left to my own devices. I’ll give the odd nudge and paw for a head rub but want to keep my paws firmly on the ground and have my own cat flap for sunbathing.

I may sound independent and unloving but trust me I follow my current owner everywhere so she is never lonely and we sit side by side watching the TV.

For more information about Buddy, please visit www.leicesteranimalaid.org.uk