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Your Cat Magazine June 2022

One of the letters we received this month really brought a smile to my face. It’s from someone who has been a reader since the very first issue — which was published in 1994! That’s over 300 issues of…

On Sale: 12 May 2022

Digital Edition: £4.99

Print Edition: £4.99 (plus postage)

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Your Cat Magazine May 2022

It’s a bumper issue this month! We are delighted to bring you the Your First Kitten Guide in association with Webbox. In the middle of the magazine you will find the brilliant 32-page guide all about…

On Sale: 14 April 2022

Digital Edition: £4.99

Print Edition: £5.99 (plus postage)

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Your Cat Magazine April 2022

Who doesn’t like to win something? In this issue, we’ve relaunched Your Cat Giveaways — and it’s better than ever! We’ve got lots more prizes up for grabs and as magazine readers there are…

On Sale: 10 March 2022

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat Magazine March 2022

In this issue, we start a new series on therapy cats. We know how much cats improve our lives (when they’re not being cheeky like Ash) and felines who take up official roles as Pets As Therapy cats do…

On Sale: 10 February 2022

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat Magazine February 2022

In over 25 years of Your Cat Magazine, I don’t think we’ve ever had a person as the main image on the cover. We’ve broken tradition this month because our latest feature is very special indeed — James…

On Sale: 13 January 2022

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat January 2022

The new year is almost upon us and it’s a time of year that always brings renewed hope for the future. Our lead feature this month looks at our hopes for 2022. We’ve spoken to a range of people from…

On Sale: 15 December 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat December 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I think Christmas is truly a time to be treasured. It’s celebrated by people in different ways but at the heart of it is spending time with family, including…

On Sale: 16 November 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat November 2021

The new normal — it’s not a phrase that is popular with everyone, as it conjures up an image of accepting restrictions on our freedoms in the longer-term. Wherever you stand on the term, I actually…

On Sale: 15 October 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat October 2021

This month, I spoke to Jennifer Berezai from AdvoCATS about a campaign to help people who rent properties be able to keep cats. The aim is to change the law to protect landlords and tenants so that…

On Sale: 15 September 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat September 2021

It feels very special to bring you an interview with James Bowen this month. When Street Cat Bob died, many of you wrote to us to say that you felt we hadn’t covered the story enough. The truth is…

On Sale: 13 August 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

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