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Your Cat November 2021

The new normal — it’s not a phrase that is popular with everyone, as it conjures up an image of accepting restrictions on our freedoms in the longer-term. Wherever you stand on the term, I actually…

On Sale: 15 October 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat October 2021

This month, I spoke to Jennifer Berezai from AdvoCATS about a campaign to help people who rent properties be able to keep cats. The aim is to change the law to protect landlords and tenants so that…

On Sale: 15 September 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat September 2021

It feels very special to bring you an interview with James Bowen this month. When Street Cat Bob died, many of you wrote to us to say that you felt we hadn’t covered the story enough. The truth is…

On Sale: 13 August 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat Magazine August 2021

Have you ever had a non cat-lover struggle to understand that cats have big personalities? To us cat lovers, we know their foibles and characters are the main reasons that we love them! So, the Cat…

On Sale: 15 July 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat Magazine July 2021

In this month’s lead feature, vet Penny Clarke tells us what our vets would want us to know. Understanding things from the vet’s perspective will only help to improve that relationship, which…

On Sale: 15 June 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat Magazine June 2021

This issue sees the beginning of a new practical series: ‘The Power of Play.’ We’re delving into the role of play in our cats’ lives. Behaviourist Clare Hemington will guide you through how play is an…

On Sale: 14 May 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat Magazine May 2021

As modern living advances, even traditional things can undergo change, particularly after such upheaval. This got me thinking, what will happen to the role of cats in our lives as we move into the…

On Sale: 15 April 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat Magazine April 2021

It’s been great to recently speak (over email) to some Your Cat subscribers. There was a range of feedback on the magazine; some thanking us for a prize they had won, a few wanting to know why the…

On Sale: 16 March 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat Magazine March 2021

I think we’re more conscious of our pets than ever. Owners’ knowledge of how to care for their cats has exploded over recent decades. We know more about nutrition, diseases, feline behaviour,…

On Sale: 16 February 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

Your Cat Magazine February 2021

Welcome to the ‘We love cats’ issue! As February is the month of Valentine’s Day, we thought it was an ideal excuse to celebrate our love for cats. That’s the real theme for this issue and you will…

On Sale: 15 January 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

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