Your Cat Back Issues

Your Cat Magazine September 2019

We all believe (know!) our cats are superstars — right? But how many of us would trust our kitties to be on their best behaviour in a studio or film set and not take an unfortunate dislike to an…

On Sale: 15 August 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Cat Magazine August 2019

If you get your copy of Your Cat delivered through the front door every month, you may have noticed a change in the material of the bags we send our subscriber copies out in. We recently swapped to…

On Sale: 12 July 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Cat Magazine July 2019

Inside the July issue you will find the first part of our new series about how to find a career with cats, this time it's how to get into cat-sitting. Advice on how to cope with an unexpected tragedy,…

On Sale: 14 June 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Cat Magazine June 2019

Inside the June issue, find out all about cat trackers and how you can keep your cat safe and discover their secret life! Meet the cat that is happily travelling the world with her owner, 10 things…

On Sale: 15 May 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Cat Magazine May 2019

This month, we're celebrating our silver anniversary, as Your Cat Magazine turns 25! Inside this issue, we take a look at what has changed for cats in the past 25 years, meet the two kittens born with…

On Sale: 12 April 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Cat Magazine April 2019

You might notice something different about our April issue — as it has been taken over by a charming, yet super-mischievous feline! Find out more about the inspiration behind Simon's Cat, as we speak…

On Sale: 15 March 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Cat Magazine March 2019

Inside the March issue of Your Cat you will find, our informative guide helping you find the right organisation and guiding you through the rehoming process, meet the Instagram-famous Maine Coons…

On Sale: 15 February 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Cat Magazine February 2019

Inside the February issue, our new series ‘The great indoors’ will give you fresh eyes and help you look at your home from your cat’s point of view, plan your purrfect 2019 days out, and read our…

On Sale: 15 January 2019

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Cat Magazine January 2019

Inside the January issue we introduce you to our new series 'The science of cats', where Dr Lauren Finka will be keeping us up-to-date with the latest feline research, the winner of the Your Cat…

On Sale: 14 December 2018

Digital Edition: £3.99

Your Cat Magazine December 2018

Inside our Christmas special, you’ll find everything you need to get into the festive spirit and enjoy the purrfect day! We’ve got tips for transforming your home into a feline-friendly festive…

On Sale: 14 November 2018

Digital Edition: £3.99

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