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Who doesn’t like to win something? In this issue, we’ve relaunched Your Cat Giveaways — and it’s better than ever! We’ve got lots more prizes up for grabs and as magazine readers there are competitions exclusively for you. Turn to page 26 to see the vast selection of top quality products we’re giving away and how you can easily enter — fingers crossed you’re one of the lucky winners this month! 

On Sale: 10/03/2022

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The lead feature this month is about spring cleaning. The season is a fabulous time of year about starting afresh and many of us begin with this at home. Giving the place a clean can lift our mood and give us renewed vigour for other parts of our lives. However, when doing your big clean, don’t forget your cat! Alison Gallagher-Hughes has some great advice, with some tips you may not have considered. 

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