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I want to open this month by saying a huge congratulations to Claire Bessant as she retires as CEO of International Cat Care. For over 28 years Claire has led the charity which has had a huge impact on feline welfare and healthcare. From developing the International Society of Feline Medicine which provides veterinary resources worldwide, to educating the public and creating programmes such as the Cat Friendly Clinic scheme, iCatCare has helped millions of cats. During her tenure, the charity has changed so much to continue to have a greater impact on cats.

On Sale: 14/07/2022

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In this issue, it is a pleasure to feature an exclusive interview with Claire about her career in which she shares her thoughts and memories from nearly three decades. Give it a read on page 22 — it’s a great insight into how charities and people like Claire dedicate themselves to helping our feline friends.
From everyone at Your Cat, well done Claire! We hope you enjoy your retirement and know you’ll still be doing things to help cats.
A key part of Your Cat is giving a voice to all the work that people like Claire and charities like International Cat Care do. I don’t think there is any other platform that brings the breadth of knowledge, stories, and support for different campaigns that Your Cat delivers.

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