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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I think Christmas is truly a time to be treasured. It’s celebrated by people in different ways but at the heart of it is spending time with family, including our cats! It is also the season of good will, where we stop to think about others more and how even the smallest things can make a world of difference. For me, it’s a glimpse of how we’d like life to be, where we all prosper by taking care of each other more. 

On Sale: 16/11/2021

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What's in this Issue?

In this vein, we’re celebrating Christmas in style in this issue and our lead feature couldn’t be more fitting. With a new Your Cat award, we’re recognising people who show that good will to all cats. Each issue from now on, we’re going to be sharing someone’s story and awarding them the Your Cat Magazine Community Cat Hero honour, which recognises how they do incredible things to help felines. There is no overall winner, it’s simply an award to say that someone took the time to nominate that person to be recognised and we think what they do is amazing — a bit like a Blue Peter badge! 
The issue is also packed with Christmas specific advice, gift ideas, sales, and, of course, the festive short story. In a shameless plug, if you know someone who would enjoy a Your Cat subscription (including you!), please consider getting them one! The magazine is driven by a genuine passion for cats, for people who are really committed to their feline friends. 

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