Your Cat Magazine February 2022

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In over 25 years of Your Cat Magazine, I don’t think we’ve ever had a person as the main image on the cover. We’ve broken tradition this month because our latest feature is very special indeed — James Bowen is writing a new and exclusive column.

On Sale: 13/01/2022

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What's in this Issue?

James and Street cat Bob stole the hearts of millions worldwide from their best-selling books and films, including many Your Cat readers! Their incredible story showed how the bond between a person and a cat can be life-changing, redeeming, and inseparable. When Bob tragically died, the loss was keenly felt by fans from around the globe. 
In his first piece, James shares his grief at losing his best friend. He also introduces us to the cats he currently shares his life with and tells of the projects he is working on. Over the months in his regular column, we’ll be hearing fantastic stories about his feline companions and sharing his journey. James has told of how Bob saved his life and his new column is testament to how Bob’s legacy lives on. 
You can read it every month here! 
I know how popular James and Street cat Bob are with Your Cat readers, so I really hope you enjoy this new insight into the story.  

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