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I think we’re more conscious of our pets than ever. Owners’ knowledge of how to care for their cats has exploded over recent decades. We know more about nutrition, diseases, feline behaviour, medicine, and products — just think of how the cat owner’s lexicon has grown to include things such as stimulation, preservatives, feline instincts, DNA testing, antioxidants, positive reinforcement, taurine, pheromones…the list goes on.

On Sale: 16/02/2021

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What's in this Issue?

Our cats have always been loved, but ailurophiles’ understanding of our feline friends has grown exponentially. I think this can be seen in how our pets are more humanised today. We treat our ‘fur babies’ as family members and aim to provide a lifestyle that reaches our own standards.

Helping cat lovers to extend their feline knowledge has always been a key aim of Your Cat (as well as sharing stories of the joy cats bring!). I think that this issue picks up on two areas that are fairly new when it comes to cat care: looking after senior cats and eco-friendly cat ownership.

This month sees the start of the ‘Senior Kitizens’ series (page 12), which looks at how we can make our cats’ golden years some of the very best we have together. With modern thinking, we can improve elderly cats’ lives so they enjoy more positive experiences for longer.

We also delve into eco-friendly cat ownership this issue (page 22). Sustainability and looking after the planet is becoming an increasing priority and so in the first of a two-part series, we look at how cat ownership can be detrimental to the environment and how owners and businesses are trying to reduce the impact it has on the environment. It’s a real thought-provoking piece and gives food for thought about that little bit we can all do to help.

I hope this issue helps you to extend your knowledge of our feline friends, as well as having loads of great stories about cats that you’ll love reading.

Michael Hallam, Editor

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