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Inside the May issue of Your Cat you will find the first of our new four-part series all about indoor cats — covering everything from creating an indoor world and mental stimulation, to health advice and how to make sure your indoor cat is happy. Plus, we find out all about the beautiful Bengal, and this month's great debate is whether owner should dress up their pets — what do you think?

On Sale: 13/04/2018

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What's in this Issue?

The latest research — and anecdotal evidence from the Your Cat social media channels — suggests that more and more people are choosing to have indoor cats.

But, managing a cat who spends his life inside your home is not as straightforward as it might seem. There’s lots to think about — from creating an indoor world to suit him and cater for his needs, to health issues, and putting in the effort to ensure he is physically and mentally stimulated.

That’s why we’re starting a new four-part series this issue, packed with practical advice on how to ensure your indoor cat is as happy and healthy as can be. If you’re already the owner of an indoor cat — or you’re thinking of getting a kitten who will be living inside — it’s essential reading, so why not make sure you get hold of the whole series by taking out a subscription to Your Cat Magazine? You’ll find details of how to do this on page 41.

From fostering cats, to debating on whether owners should dress up their pets; checking out the beautiful Bengals in our breed feature, to learning more about how to find your perfect feline partner in our ultimate kitten guide, we’ve got a tantalising mix of all things cat this month for you to enjoy. Happy reading!

Sarah Wright, Editor in chief

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